i'm currently registering my first patent with 13 years, working with Solid-Woks, I'm Atheistic and pacifistic (I don't believe in any god and I don't like war and violence), biggest wish: be the first man on mars

interests: space, science, technology, informatic | hobbys: flying model aircrafts, play orbiter, making movies
Nov 3, 1996 (Age: 25)
Stuttgart, Germany
First Name
pupil, future astronaut (I hope, otherewise it will be very hard to become first on mars LOL)
Computer Specs
desktop: windows 7, 3.2ghz (works like 8GHz), a programmable joystick with three axes and a throttle and 12 keys two old joysticks (each has a smashed function) and a GameComm (for RC)
Orbiter Experience
How you found Orbiter-Forum
i searched at google for Add-Ons for the orbiter
Favorite Orbiter Addons
UMmu, DGIV, UCGO, Orbiter-sound-addon (all that Dan-Staff Add-Ons wich bring more life in Obiter), AMSO, Sojuz, Dragon-Spacecraft, XR2, XR5, Antares, Osprey-V22, Kulch-series, V2, Spotlight, XR1,
Spacecraft3-SDK, Wideawake, ORL, A380, LongEZ, LEO300, Shuttle-fleet, Harrier, Armageddon X-71, XR-2, High-Res-KSC, Fly-By-wire (fly with three joysticks now, a normal 4-axe-stick, a "game-controler") and so manymanymanymanymany more!
Favorite (Real Life) Spacecraft
sojuz, Orion, Buran, Space-Shuttle, Gemini, and the European "Everest" wich is just in progress at the moment


The best evidence that there's INTELLIGENT life out there is, that noone tried to visit us yet.
-Bill Watterson


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