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  • Aloha, David! Just a brief note to thank you for your IMFD video tutorials with Dimitris.

    I tried and tried to understand TransX, I just couldn't do it. The videos from Flytandem were horrible, both because of the poor video quality (badly out-of-focus) and because there were several occasions when he'd do things without explaining what he was doing, or how or why.

    You are very diligent in your videos to explain what you're doing, why, and how things inter-relate. Very well done, very understandable, great instruction. Now, I've just got to practice, practice, practice.

    Thanks for making a complicated, real-life sim like Orbit 2016 accessible to a wannabe astronaut.

    Mark Geary
    You're older than I thought you were.... but then again you look a lot different from that old clip when you were very very young.
    Thank you for all your Tutorial-Videos on Youtube!

    In Oct. 2013 i played a game called "Pioneer Space Sim". Its a free remake of the classic Elite II - Frontier. I always liked the semi-realism in the game and wondered if there exist "more realistic" games.

    Quite by accident i came upon the video "Space Cowboy" by Tex. I was immediately thrilled and wanted to learn more about Orbiter. I downloaded it and was totally slain by the complexity. I searched for Tutorials in Youtube and found yours.

    Well, i guess, i never would have come far enough to really enjoy the Orbiter. Without them, odds were that i just got frustrated and deinstalled it again. But i went through your Playlists carefully and every aha-moment was so satisfying and grew into some kind of addiction (my girlfriend will never understand).

    Now i feel experienced enough to copy the orbiter on USB stick and teach my buddys personally, and i hope i can share the interest and passion for it.
    Hey David.

    I just want to greet you. I watch all your videos full of joy. They are a great help to Orbiter for me, and also gives me inspiration for my own missions. :tiphat:

    Also, good to see you've got some new lungs, even though it's a very long time ago now. Your voice also sounds a lot better in your newer videos.:thumbup:

    Best regards,
    Good to see your name at the bottom of the page there, Bud! Can't keep you away for long!
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