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    Flight Question XR5 Round-trip cargo delivery mission to Mars without refueling on difficult/realistic settings

    You should be getting ~3.150 km/s from a ~150 km altitude parking orbit around Mars, which agrees with the trajectory planner's deltaV expenditure. Here is why: The 1.72 km/s has an asterisk with the explanation: dv from C3 = 0 km²/s². C3 = 0 is equal to the escape velocity, which is √2 times...
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    Flight Question XR5 Round-trip cargo delivery mission to Mars without refueling on difficult/realistic settings

    I tried an ascent to orbit, fully loaded with AIA containers. That thing is sluggish as hell. Couldn't even get into a proper orbit (hardest settings possible for the XR5) Full Crew of 18 MainFuelISP=0 SCRAMFuelISP=0 LOXLoadout=0 LOXConsumptionRate=4 LOXConsumptionMultiplier=1.0...
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    Flight Question XR5 Round-trip cargo delivery mission to Mars without refueling on difficult/realistic settings

    I don't think that a 20+ km/s Earth reentry is doable in an XR5. I calculate an altitude of ~78 km for a peak hull temp of 2800 C°. You'll probably won't be able to stay long enough at that altitude to lose much excess velocity., resulting in the Vanguard skipping back out to a hyperbolic...
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Mistakes were made...
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    Tutorial Frame by frame animations in Orbiter

    In case you haven't seen any of these SC4 animations. here is the latest video: Unfortunately my Orbiter allocated time wasn't enough to create a fully detailed tutorial. What I can do, is give you an outline of the process and come back the soonest I have time, to include a more detailed...
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    Orbiter Video Thread

    Testing a different way to animate mmu meshes in Orbiter. Worked quite well. Tutorial coming soon. Having some fun with this. Also fixed the blinking issue (kinda). I've already contacted Dan, to see if he is interested in adding this in the UMmu update. YouTube
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    General Question help with Spacecraft3 animation

    Since you'll be using a single mesh, it doesn't matter; the index is always 0. It would be used if you created a vessel with multiple meshes (ie: a ship with an exterior mesh and a virtual cockpit). This index not used in Vinka's spacecraft4. The mesh is a simple text file. At the top it says...
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    General Question help with Spacecraft3 animation

    If you animate it in anim8or (or any other program), Orbiter will have no way of knowing what that animation is. So you need a way to "tell" Orbiter how to create and show your animation. There are several ways to create and manage animations in Orbiter: - lua script - Spacecraft3/4 -...
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    General Question Lunar Gateway orbit

    You can find an example here by MontBlanc2012 LOP-G to Brighton Beach and Back Again
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    Help with TLE to azimuth and elevation function

    This should help (requires python and pyephem -3.7b) tle2azel
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    OHM Crew Dragon for Orbiter2016

    I think Don's problem is the linear rate in the CFG. The linear rate drops if you open PursuitMFD while already docked to another vessel, because it calculates the optimal(?) rate for the total mass of the stack. Don try this: While undocked from the station: Press MOD to go to the "Welcome...
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    Internet Video Thread

    If Rockets were Transparent
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    Orbiter Video Thread

    Absolutely! It makes a lot of sense, since Orbiter2016 supports docked landed vessels. (The grapple uses a moving attachment first to grab the ship and then moves it to the dock, where the attchment is released and the dock is applied). I'll try to model a nicer mesh over the weekend and ask Dan...
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    Orbiter Video Thread

    I learned a lot with this project, but I don't think that I am close to the experience that Dan provided with the complete UCGO addon. Since he is updating it for Orbiter 2016, then there isn't much reason to continue with this. I do have something else in mind though, and the skills that I...
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    Orbiter Video Thread

    Yes it was, after IMFD had me on the correct orbit, passing over the landing site. I let Baseland take care of the last couple of km, because PursuitMFD kept missing the pad. And some good news: Dan is back! And he has begun to update his addons!