C4. I can get close to the ISS, but haven't succeded docking.

Once you got close to your target (see C3), use the Docking HUD mode and the Docking MFD for final approach. The Docking HUD contains relative velocity indicators which help closing in on your target. You need to tune your navigation radios to the target's transmitter frequency to make use of the docking instrumentation. (You can find the target's transponder frequency (XPDR) in the vessel info sheet (Ctrl-I). Set one of your navigation radios (Shift-C) to that frequency, and slave the HUD and Docking MFD to the appropriate receiver).
In the final approach stage, switch the nav receiver to one of the target's IDS (instrument docking system) frequencies, if available. This will activate approach path indicators in the HUD, and docking indicators in the MFD, to guide you to your final docking position.