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    [Tuesday] Release of OrbiterSound 5.0 for Orbiter 2016

    Hello, I've got a "Windows Defender" warning (5.0 and 5.1). Can I ignore that?
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    Gaming New Microsoft Flight Simulator?

    Does somebody figured out if it supports VR in the release version? I can't find a clear official statement... .. ah maybe not at launch..: Will Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Have VR Support? Yes, head of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jörg Neumann has said that VR is a "high priority" for...
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    Gaming Digital Combat Simulator Thread

    I mean that some parts are still classified, and I read that the employment of the AGM-E was also classified in 2013 when the video was posted, maybe it changed because the F/A-18 has been declassified, but some systems are still classifed, even for the A-10C and so they have been simplified...
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    Gaming Digital Combat Simulator Thread

    Yes I agree that for the realistic parts it's more a simulation than a game, but for e.g. Combined Arms it's more a game, so it's a mix. I also heared that some features are modifed if they are classified, so maybe 5% are missed because they are classified but nobody knows. I also heared that...
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    Gaming Digital Combat Simulator Thread

    It's a physic/world/simulation/"game" engine to simulate virtual combats. Mostly for aircrafts, some of them in a very deep level of details so that it is near realistc for those aircrafts. It's almost a flight simulator for military aircrafts and helicopters, but there is also a module for...
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    Launch News 50th anniversary of Apllo 13

    50 years ago, Apollo 13 lifted off from the Cape. Apollo 13 has shown us how it is possible to manage a crisis. We need more of such experts as well today, no more stupid politcans please! :)
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    Gaming Digital Combat Simulator Thread

    I'm waiting since EF2000 in 1995 to be back in this aircraft :tiphat::cheers: Here is also a new youtube video by Wags showing the new carrier operations:
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    Internet Video Thread

    @ 3:20 - They forgott the compass :facepalm: However, a great plane!
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    Gaming Digital Combat Simulator Thread

    Another module has been release in early accsess, it's the chineese / pakistani JF-17. It seems to be the first module which has a "usable" ground radar (see attached video @ ~ 9:00). However, I will still wait they finish the F/A-18 before buying another early accsess module... Does...
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    Humor Random Comments Thread
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    For everybody who thought that it makes no difference wether if you go to election or not: In the "state election" of Thüringen (Germany) it could be possible that one vote makes the difference if the FDP moves into the state parlament or not. That's very curious to me. However, the official...
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    Hygiea: Smallest discoverd dwarft planet? 302 Moved
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    Gaming Digital Combat Simulator Thread

    The real A10's (It's my favorit modules in DCS) will get one more update in real life, and so thy will not be retired before 2030; So there is live in old hogs: This will include - New Wings - New HMD - Ground Radar Pod... as far as I understood that video... But I gues ED is not allowed...
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    Question Any good autopilot addons for orbiter 2016?

    It must be a very light celestial body if you want to land on it with a space shuttle if it has no atmothphere... :lol:
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    Question Any good autopilot addons for orbiter 2016?

    It's not for accent but for lunar decent (Orbit to landing): But should work also for other bodies without an atomothphere...