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    Poll Which forum skin do you use?

    You won't notice much difference on screens narrower than 1024-1280 pixels. Apart from a different header image, width of the fluid version scales with the width of the browser window, while fixed version keeps fixed width centered in the browser window.
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    Poll Which forum skin do you use?

    I've been using "Apollo (Fixed)" continuously since its testing phase (and because it's great for checking excessive signature sizes :P), with short switches to other skins when I needed to test visibility of text in different colors. I usually have time for visiting forums rather in evening, so...
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    Gaming Empyrion - Galactic Survival

    New trailer: There are some bigger AI capital ships hanging around in space along with some additional drones flying around them and patrol vessels (capital ships) flying over surface of planets. No endgame content yet.
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    Gaming Empyrion - Galactic Survival

    Version ALPHA 7.0 has hit the EXPERIMENTAL status now. It should go into the public branch sometime next month after public tests and fixes. Changelog: Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 7.0 A few screenshots showing some of changes:
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    Gaming Subnautica & Subnautica Below Zero

    Subnautica Cuddlefish Update Subnautica Cuddlefish Update
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    [SOLVED] Orbiter2016 beta (rev. 69) doesn't start

    Is it the same without any add-ons?
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    General Question Orbiter Help doesn't show entries

    If you extracted ZIP archive instead of using MSI installation package of Orbiter, and if you used the Windows file explorer's ZIP filter to extract the files from it, a flag that file was downloaded from internet was propagated onto extracted files and you need to select them and "unblock" in...
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    Gaming No Man's Sky "Atlas Rises" Update

    So good that my birthday is at the end of December, right when there's Steam winter sale. I'll maybe get it then. :P But yes, too many games for which I can spend some time playing only in evenings during weekends.
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    US Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

    That's no Moon! :P
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    Gaming Subnautica & Subnautica Below Zero

    Subnautica Ghost Update Subnautica Ghost Update (also including some poop)
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    Problem SetWindowText on edit box closes window

    AFAIK, 1003 is also the value of IDC_BACK in scenario editor. Try assigning a different unique value and rebuild all.
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    Problem SetWindowText on edit box closes window

    What numeric value does IDC_EDIT2 constant have? Does assigning a different value and recompiling resources have any effect? Is there any error returned by GetLastError right after calling that SetWindowText? Is it exactly the same when using SendMessage/WM_SETTEXT or SetDlgItemText functions?
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    Tutorial Surface Tile Transparency Tutorial - Orbiter 2010P1

    It will take around the same room on Orbiter site. It's saved just as text here. will become something like: <img src="address_to_image"/> and address_to_image will become something like: <a href="address_to_image">address_to_image</a>
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    DVB-T too. With small exceptions, like one of TV networks not supporting it on either of their channels, but only giving 1 to 3 audio tracks (e.g. stereo, Dolby something), all with Polish dubbing/voice-over only, without an option for switching to the original track - they do the same over...
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    Humor Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

    Oh, this reminded me that I still haven't heard the song that won the contest this year (or maybe I did but I don't remember it). :P