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    Vessel ISV Venture Star and Valkyrie shuttle from "Avatar"

    Hi John I thought the shuttles were built in to the model itself.Thanks
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    Vessel ISV Venture Star and Valkyrie shuttle from "Avatar"

    Hey John any chance of you doing the shuttles for this as separate vehicles?Thanks
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    MFD Parking Brake MFD

    what What about an option to be able to set the engine,hover thrust to a chosen percentage before the brake lets go.
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    MFD Parking Brake MFD

    I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet,but I have a question.When using the parking brake mfd for a rocket launch will the parking brake let go when you give it full thrust or do you have to turn it off?BTW thanks for making this mfd it’s something the community has needed for awhile.😀
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    R.I.P. Chick Corea

    Great musician R.I.P. Chick.
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    Request Artemis landers

    Thanks for the answer John,I hope things are going good for you.😃
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    Request Artemis landers

    Hey John would it be possible to be able to have a choice to either put in the scenario,or a key press to have 2,or 4 astronauts eva from the lander,or even be seen in the Artemis cockpit?Thanks
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    Project Energia transporter project

    :hailprobe::cheers:Unbelievable Kulch even the hydrolics are animated can’t wait to use it,thank you.
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    General Question Which sound client do you use for Orbiter 2016?

    Will this work with the newest beta of orbiter sound 5.0?
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    Update Deepstar development

    Thanks 80mileshigh this looks beautiful,and Happy New Year.
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    Request Kulch's addons recompiled for Orbiter 2016

    Thanks Kulch.:cheers:
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    Project Space Transportation System 2016

    Cool! thank you so much.:cheers::eek:
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    Hello! Back in Orbiter after a long absence,

    Welcome back.:salute:
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    News RIP Ken Hensley

    Oh yeah stealing,easy living great songs,I had the privilege to see them open up for the Who back in the 80s at the Pontiac silver dome in Michigan,they put on a great show.R.I.P Ken