Certified Designer for Print and Digital Media, former Art Director + former Marketing Director, Webdeveloper, Nerd

Simulators (for every vehicle type), Game Engines, Modding, 3D-Modeling, Texturing / Skins, Virtual Flights
First Name
Captain of a manpowered touristic river boat (up to 16 passengers)
Computer Specs
Core i7 firstGen, 8 GB DD3 RAM, Full-HD screen, full RGB colour screen + it's a laptop with Numpad Yay :D
Orbiter Experience
How you found Orbiter-Forum
oh, that's a tricky question, been a long long time since I was here the first time + read only user
Favorite Orbiter Addons
Too much, way too much!
I had a need to fly almost every spaceship Orbiter offers (90% of 'em) + MFD's and scenery, I guess I tried almost every Add-on for Orbiter with over 20 re-installations.
Favorite (Real Life) Spacecraft
Real? naahhh, uggly things! Make the XR2 real, that would be my favorite! Or make the DG-EX as good as XR2 ingame. Well the only real one is the Dragon Capsule – it's more or less okay at least but heres my point: I really digg bubble like full-vision canopies means I only look at canopies when deciding if something is cute or not, must be classy. Oh and I know it's no good thing to say but to be honest every angled non smooth and strut supported canopy wont be my favorite, sorry ship designers!


Clean up the past, research the now and arrange the future. :blahblah: