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I was written by dseagrav in 2018 and I used to post build reports.

Security improvements to the forums mean I can no longer post. This account is retired.
That's great - will give a try. The new flight deck looks good with the earlier files you sent!
If no issues. I will put together 1-9 scn
So far no issues that I've encountered. The functionality is great - more straightforward than earlier builds. The look of the TDRS is nice!
Well, I installed a new Version of Blender on Linux. But I can import add-ons for Blender in Linux too. And actually I can build my own nozzles. But yes, it would be nice to compare. And It would even more nice, if I could use parts. Like the RCS thrusters from the SM. My Addon will be on top of a S-IVB and under a SM inside a Skylab-Shroud. I could use these parts in Blender to figure out the measurements.


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excuse me, I found a thread about "Vlad's mesh tool."

How can I import a .msh into Blender? - And, is this legal?
To import msh files into blender you need a plugin.
For older versions fo blender there is a plugin by Vlad. For more recent versions of blender there is another plugin... can't remember who made it. There should be threads somewhere for both.
As for the legal side of things, usually the issue is distribution, but it depends on the source of the mesh.
G'day, Dimitris.

Hope all is well with you and your's. Just wanted to thank you for all your help and your add-ons. Your instruction on David Courtney's YT video series "Learning with Dimitris", as well as vids on your own YT channel, helped me so much.

So thanks ... and cheers, mate. From the land of Aus.
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Great to hear that mate! I am glad that you've found the vids useful, cheers!
Hi Mariusz,
if you want to contact me again, please use the "Start Conversation" - posts on the profile page are limited to 420 characters.
I have attached a .txt file with my reply, below.
Cheers :)


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Hello Brian.
I would like to learn for the Orbiter Simulator, more specifically rockets and spaceships, to write and compile dlls similar to yours.
I have known for years that you are good at this, can you recommend me some sources from which you learned?
Maybe you have written some tutorials on this topic yourself. ?
Best Regards.
So now that we are half-way through 2022, what are some accomplishments y'all have made in the year? How has the year been treating you? What'cha hoping for the rest of this twist around the sun?
I haven't been here in a long time, but I decided to come back to India and study IBDP for my 11th and 12th years. It is gonna be tough adjusting to the country and the curriculum, but I am sure I will succeed.
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Best of luck to you, dude! Hope it goes well for you and you find what you are looking for.
Just got a trophy "Can't stop! You've posted 100 messages. I hope this took you more than a day!"... Well, it was 10 years, actually :D
Hi Kulch, do you plan to make a version of the Universal Cargo Deck for Orbiter 2016? It would be fantastic.