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Orbiter Tutorials

New to Orbiter? Having trouble understanding the Orbiter manual?

Go Play in Space is the 'Orbiter Manual for the rest of us' - meaning that it's an easy to read introduction to Orbiter, primarily aimed at readers who come from a non technical background be they adults or children.

Addons Galore! will help to get you started with customising your Orbiter experience. See also the Recommended Addons page.


Orbiter Video Tutorials

  • Absolute Beginners Guide - A set of video tutorials for beginners by David Courtney ('blixel'), from basics of getting into orbit to performing interplanetary travel.
  • DG4 to ISS - Video tutorial by 'Tex' for beginners to Orbiter explaining in detail how to rendezvous with the ISS starting from the ground at KSC. Good for both ORBITER 2006-P1 as well as ORBITER 2010-P1.
  • DG4 Reentry Tutorial - Video tutorial especially for beginners by 'Oceanic', how to bring the DG4 back home.
  • XR2 Wideawake to Brighton Beach - This is a 7 part ORBITER 2010-P1 video tutorial by 'Tex' showing you how to take-off and fly the XR2 Ravenstar from Wideawake International to Brighton Beach on the surface of the Moon using TransX.
  • TransX Video Tutorials (Beginner to Advanced) - An excellent set of video tutorials by 'flytandem' good for both ORBITER 2006-P1 and ORBITER 2010-P1.
  • Video Tutorials by thesnorklemonkey - Various video tutorials for Orbiter, including Apollo tutorials.


Basic Flight Maneuvers

Too much rocket science? Then try Harmsway Tutorials - super easy lessons to get you started in Orbiter.

More Basic Tutorials

Advanced Flights
Those interested in doing more advance Interplanetary flights will want to turn to Duncan Sharpe's Tutorial.

Space Shuttle Tutorials

Apollo Tutorials

Tutorials for Teachers

Tutorials for Addon Developers

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