Request Updated Launch tower for Long March 2F at Jiuquan

Jun 13, 2021
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Москова, СССР
Hello everyone and good day to you all.
I really love the long march 2f as it is such an elegant rocket. It looks so pleasing to the eye. Major tom did a fantastic job at re creating the Long march 2f and the Shenzhou spacecraft in orbiter form.
As I was looking through launch photos and looking at launch videos, I noticed some things on the Launch Tower in particular that where missing on the addon version (see the "Jiuquan old.JPG" picture)

Here is a real photo attached for comparison

I am in no way an addon developer and I suck at blender. I do however have mountains of reference photos for this sort of thing.

I honestly think it would be so cool to be able to rotate the service platforms and be able to encapsulate the rocket before launch.

One of the reasons I am bringing this up is because someone on free3d already created a 3d model of the launch tower however it costs $180 and I dont have that kind of money:

This is not a critique. it would just be cool to have a better looking updated launch tower. That is all

with lots of thanks, Astronautical Achievement


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