Request UCGO demolition charge delivery system


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Jan 31, 2009
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This is a pretty simple request I was hoping someone could whip up.

How about a missile delivery system for Artlav's UCGO nuclear demolition charge?

[ame=""]UCGO demolition charge[/ame]

All it would be is a missile around 5 meters long with a single UCGO cargo slot on the tip, translation and rotation thrusters, and a high-thrust main engine with around 20 km/s of delta-v. I love lining up an intercept course with IMFD and jettisoning an auto-deploying UCGO nuke at 600 seconds to intercept, but I wish I could do it with an unmanned missile instead of a manned Arrow or DGIV. A missile with a high delta-v value could be fired off on a high-energy intercept trajectory while keeping the mother ship at a long, safe distance.

Anybody willing to make this happen with a 5-minute model and basic little dll?