STS-25 with P5 segment and MPLM-1


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Nov 24, 2007
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<<25 May 2010 , T +00h:00m:03s>>
Space Shuttle Atlantis lifted off this afternoon on mission STS-25, to deliver P5 segment that will allow attachment of another solar array on the port truss in the future, and MPLM-1 a temporary storage module for fuel and rubbish.
Secondary task of the mission is to install a new pipeline that will allow emergency refueling of Soyuz vehicles from the Multi-docking Module of the Station.

<<STS-25 Update 1 , 27 May 2010>>
Atlantis reached and docked to CSS late in the afternoon.
After all the checks, the hatch was opened and stations's residents welcome the shuttle's crew.
Beginning of operations is scheduled for tommorrow afternoon, 28 May 2010.

<<STS-25 Update 2 , 28 May 2010>>
STS-25 mission specialist Stepanovich, in his EMU, performed the 1st of the 3 scheduled EVAs, to assist the installation of P5 segment atop the P4 truss.
The extra vehicular activity was successfull.

<<STS-25 Update 3 , 30 May 2010>>
Mission specialist Nair accomplished the 2nd EVA.
After preparing the MPLM in the shuttle bay, it was raised by RMS and mated to the starboard hatch of Node2.
During 3rd EVA, on the 1st of June, MPLM will be moved to starboard hatch of Multi-docking Module.

<<STS-25 Update 4 , 1 June 2010>>
The giant station arm moved the MPLM from Node 2 to Multi-docking Module, and miss.spec. Nair aid the procedure.
After mating, the astronaut connected a new pipeline that will conduct fuel between docking ports and MPLM, for a total storage capability of 400 kg.

<<STS-25 Update 5 , 3 June 2010>>
Space Shuttle Atlantis left CSS early this morning (UT) after 6.5 days docked to the complex.
No crew change was made.
STS-24 started it's 2.5 days indipendent flight before reentry.

<<STS-25 Update 6 , 5 June 2010>>
A perfect landing for Atlantis today closed STS-24 mission at the Cape.

Mission duration: 11 days
Mean orbital duration: 92 mins.
Mean orbital altitude 375 km
Number of orbits: 172
Km flown: 7.287.850