Feb 6, 2008
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Columbus, Ohio
March 15 2012
STS-209 is ready to launch the first module of the Space Station Helios. The module, named Helios HAB, will be the main living space of the station. Like all Helios components and systems, Helios HAB is 3rd generation station hardware. Attached is a picture of the completed station.

This flight will be the first for the new and inproved Atlantis. She completed her OMDP about a month ago and has been in pre-mission processing since.

The flight plan is to launch Atlantis to the SSF. Once there, members of the station crew will attach the module to the OMV Pegasus and prepare both for departure to HEO. Once ready, the OMV will be filled with fuel from the SET and sent on its way. After reaching HEO the OMV will leave the module in its final orbit and return to the SSF. The shuttle will remain at the station until the OMV and module reach their finale orbit, then she will undock and return to Earth.

Launch is set for March 17th.

UPDATE March 25 2012:

Atlantis is home after a very successful flight to the SSF. STS-209 landed at SLF runway 33 at 05:30 pm ending an eight day mission. The OMV delivered the HeliosHAB to the planned orbit and is currently on its way back to the SSF for post-mission checkout and unfueling.

Analisis of the OMV performance differered from simulations in the fact that it used more fuel then what was espected. This could be a resault of the heavier than planned module coupled with performance differences between the engines on the test OMV-00 and OMV-01. Future modules will be on a more restricted weight requierments. This will not effect the launch of the next module in April as it is smaller than the HAB. SET-01 resupply will have to be added to the launch schedual after STS-211 and before the next Helios module is launched on STS-212. This will be a second SET launched onboard a Shuttle-C.

Upcoming shuttle flights are:

STS-211: Helios Solar Truss Array (STA) April 2012
STS-213-LF7: SSF Resupply July
SCS-3: SET-02 SSF Resupply Sept.
STS-208: Delivery and test of OMV-02 Perseus Oct.
STS-212: Helios Node/PMA Oct.
STS-214-LF8: SSF Resupply Dec.


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