Feb 6, 2008
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Columbus, Ohio
Janurary 06 2012

Happy new year from NASA and hello to another great year in space. First off the pads at the Cape is Space Shuttle Enterprise on mission STS-206. Tucked inside the payload bay is the first mission ready Orbital Manuvering Vehicle (OMV). Named Pegasus, this OMV will transport modules to HEO in the construction of Space Station Helios. Attached to Pegasus is the second satellite in the Helios Comm Network (HCN) that will enable communications from MCC to the station, Freedom and Skylab with the Station, and any other space craft inorbit. Enterprise's mission is to deliver the OMV to the SSF and perform the checkout of the vehicle and handleling systems at the SSF. Once checked out the crew will fly the OMV to HEO from the station to deliver the satellite, then fly the OMV back to the SSF for a post flight checkout and safeing. Then the shuttle will depart and return to earth. Launch is set for 03:45:16 UTC on Jan. 7th and the mission will last about 10 days.

UPDATE Jan. 7:
Enterprise has lifted off and is on her way to the SSF. The Crew is working no problems and is settling in nicely.

UPDATE Jan. 8 FD2:
The OBSS survey is complete with Enterprise in good shape. Huston will look over the data more closely as per mission rules but the Flight Director sees no need for a focused inspection later in the flight.

UPDATE Jan. 9 FD3:
Enterprise has docked to the SSF. The Crew is going through post docking prosedures and will ingress into the station. Nothing else is scheduled today so tomorrow will comence the first day of docked operations.

UPDATE Jan. 10 FD4:
On todays agenda is the unburth of Pegasus from Enterprise and moving it to the OMV Maintenance Dock on the SSF. Then members of the station crew will EVA to inspect the vehicle. After the EVA shuttle crew members will then fly the OMV to the satellite deployment orbit and return to the SSF the next day.

The OMV in in place on Freedom and the EVA has started.

Pegasus has left the SSF and is climbing to the deployment orbit.

UPDATE Jan 11 FD5:
Pegasus has backed in to her dock on Freedom concluding a succesful first mission. Enterprise will be undocking on FD 7 with tomorrow, FD 6, being an off-duty day.

UPDATE Jan 14 FD 8:
Space Shuttle Enterprise has landed at KSC completing a great mission.

Next shuttle launch is on Janurary 23 and is a Logistics Flight to the SSF preparing for the start of Freedom Expedition 6. This will be flown by Endeavour and will be her last mission before her OMDP at the Palmdale plant. Because of her needing to be sent to the plant the EOM landing site will be Edw AFB instead of KSC.


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