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Apr 11, 2011
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Well, the first four weeks of A&P training have flown past (pun intended), and my group has completed our first project: "overhauling" an old Continental A65 engine. Overhauling in this case means finding out what would need to be replaced and creating a parts list before reassembling the engine with the existing parts, even though it's nowhere near airworthy. I'll admit, it was an interesting and challenging task. Lots of repeated measurements with micrometers, ball gauges, T-gauges, and other precision measuring tools. I was, however, quite surprised at how simple, yet complex, the engine was. Granted, there weren't any accessories (that's later this semester, in the next 8-week course), but still: I was responsible for the #3 cylinder, and it comprised of about 25 parts, not including the seats and guides for the valves (those stayed put this time).

But now that engine's been reassembled, and it's on the shelf awaiting the installation of the accessories (carb, mags, oil sump, prop, manifolds, etc.), and my group has taken possession of a [ame=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairchild_J44]Fairchild J44-R-3[/ame] turbojet to get a basic understanding of how gas turbine engines work at the most basic level.

My engine...
We've already gotten about halfway through the disassembly on it in about half of the class today, due in large part to its simple design and a severe deficit of proper fasteners! :rofl:
I'll bring back some more pics of the engine parts tomorrow. ;)