Orbiter Server Launchpad Text Size Issue


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Feb 5, 2018
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I hope this is an okay place to post this message.

I'm using Orbiter v160828 with the D3D9 client 2016-R2-1 at a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160.

There is bit of an issue regarding small text size of the scenario descriptions that are shown in the right hand pane of the Orbiter Server Launchpad.

I've included 2 links to illustrate the issue. Top picture shows the standard Launchpad and the lower picture shows the server Launchpad for use with the D3D9 client. Both Launch pads are showing the same scenario.

Standard Orbiter Launchpad

Orbiter Server Launchpad

The server Launchpad is displayed at higher resolution than the standard one but the scenario description text above the image of the DG on the server Launchpad is very small indeed, but still readable if you get close to the screen.

I thought I would mention this just in case it's not widely known for high screen resolutions. Maybe a tweak can be implemented to increase this text size in line with the other text on the Launchpad for the next release.

Note also on the image of the DG above the Eastern Pacific, the small size of text and the drop down control. I actually like the text that size when the Sim is running - it doesn't get in the way of the action although I can't read it from normal viewing distances.