New look at Artemis


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Nov 3, 2009
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North of Houston
It really hard to see Artemis fly as they tell us do to costs. The Apollo guys knew no bucks no Buck Rodgers. So time to look at a cost effective way to do this long term. The "Angry Astronaut" did a good video about this and makes a lot of sense. Using a man rated Dream Chaser to dock with an LEO starship then fly that to the Moon to dock with either the Gateway or just the Dynetic's Alpaca for the trip to the surface . Then back to Starship and back to LEO then land with the Dream Chaser. Being a Space X guy I would use the manned Dragon but I do like Dream chaser as well. You would then see Starship refueled and resupplied in orbit and ready for Artemis 4 . The Alpaca can be reused with new tanks brought to it by Star Ship or reconfigured with a rover or hab to extend surface stays on the Moon. A Star Ship could be used as the gateway if really needed, look what was done with Skylab. This plan could see a mission at least once a year where as it stands now using SLS one about every 5 years. at a cost of billons per flight.
Not sure if Orion can fly on a Vulcan rocket or Falcon 9 and not sure if can fly to the Moon without Gate way or a Lander to do the LOI burn so that might scrap it as well.