OHM Iron Sky - Hidden Nazi Base on Dark Side of the Moon


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Apr 9, 2008
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Author: armaggedon

Iron Sky - Hidden Nazi Base on Dark Side of the Moon

Very dark ambiant on the Hidden Nazi Base (since 1945, like original movie scenario), on the Dark Side of the Moon (no sunlight), inspired from the movie "Iron Sky" (2012). The villains are ready to begin their invasion of the Earth.

Scenery description:

- Hidden Nazi Base into a crater, with two landing pad, two big tanks of Hydrogen 3, a Spaceport with runaway and two landing pad, three other He3 thanks, hangars, located near the crater tunnel (exterior left of the crater) relayed to base by two magnetic trains.

- The crater was calculated enough larger to accommodate (to the future?) the war spaceship Gotterdammerung and for a implementation of an He3 mine (where there are the two large He3 tanks), if someday a developer of the Orbiter Community will create this add-on's (maybe me, if I have free time).

Tools used:

- Orbiter Base Maker (OBM)
- MeshLab
- Gimp2

Contains two scenarios:

- DG landed at Hidden Nazi Base (for "default" version of Orbiter).

- Two HAUNEBU 3 and UMMu on landing pad at Hidden Nazi Base.

Needed add-ons for a better experience like the movie:

- Dornier Stratosphärenflugzeug DO-Stra - HAUNEBU 3 - by XRAY

- TIE Fighter by Marco Gavazzeni (is necessary for the VC and sounds)

- UMMu 2.0 by Dansteph

For even more realism, you can also chose the add-on than you want to reproduce the International Space Station (ISS) orbiting the Earth, or adding from the default file in the Orbiter scenario editor.

Warning! Do not install the UMMu 2.0 if you have the UMMu 3.0 by Dansteph in your version of Orbiter (not compatible).

N.B.: The author of this add-on disagree and differs totally from Nazi propaganda or ideology, this add-on is a reproduction of the lunar base inspired by the movie "Iron Sky". Movie itself inspired by urban legends and hoaxes lurking on the internet and others media.

Made (with and) for fun by Orbiter.ch.