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Sep 26, 2019
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EVE Online was too submarine-y. Elite:Dangerous too jet fighter-y. KSP too... well, silly. And 3rd-person-y.

Guys, I think I finally found the right space sim. The working MFDs made it almost immediately apparent that Orbiter is finally a sim that takes this seriously :)

I've made it to orbit a couple times, and I'm already starting to tear down the E:D simpit and try rebuilding it for orbiter (I'm basing it very loosely on the Soyuz-TMA Neptune panel, which I've always wanted to do, but it really just wasn't appropriate in E:D or other sims because of the lack of use for the glass cockpit MFDs). I'll admit, a couple weeks in, I'm a little lost and confused by the age and depth of versions in the addons. Doesn't look like 2016 was widely accepted by most addon authors? I really want to stay in Orbiter2016 for the improved visuals, and I really don't need much. Looks like I can get the XRs working, and the Deepstar. The Arrow would be nice, and I've seen some Tex videos that imply it can work in 2016, but I can't figure out how. As I build the pit, I'm really hoping VNC MFD and one of the joystick solutions I've come across can be made to work (my simpits are always stupid simple, just 3 axis joysticks, momentary switches, and leo bodnar boards; no sim feedback or arduinos or anything complicated).

Looking forward to the build, the ride, and annoying all you fine folks with st00pid n00b questions! o7