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Aug 28, 2020
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Should I Buy a Low-cost Vacuum Cleaner?

People often say, “You get what you pay for.” But is that applicable for vacuum cleaners? Are all cheap vacuums rubbish? If I decide to get one on a low-cost budget, which one should I pick? This post will answer those questions for you.

Many shopping sites, including Amazon, offer us the price range option so we can find the most suitable products with the amount of money we can afford to pay. I used to see one of my favorite vacuum cleaners, a Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, using the feature. However, many people often claim that cheaper things (under $100) cannot be a decent product. I disagree with that opinion.

However, to find What Is The Best Vacuum Cleaner for your household within the lowest budget, you should at least look at the features of a good vacuum below.

How to define a vacuum cleaner as “good”

Vacuuming Performance


The feature is the first one to consider when you want to buy a decent product. Some of you may mistake the power (measured in wattage) with the performance. Excellent performance can be seen through a range of specifications, and the most noticeable is high water lift suction and airflow.

The watts and amps specs will tell you something, however. A 10-amp motor creates more suction power than a 12-amp motor. To read the airflow spec, for example, when examining canister vacuums, you should look for an airflow specification of more than 100 CFM or the water lift of more than 90 inches.

Efficient Filtration

People often overlook it, but the filtration is an essential feature of an excellent vacuum cleaner. This is the capability of retaining dust, dirt, and any other fine particulates that it picks up. A lousy vacuum could still suck up all the debris, but instead of holding it for dumping later, it releases the dust back into the air. The cleaning then will be in vain, and cause more dirt to be released into the surrounding area.

Especially when there is someone in your family suffering from asthma, allergies, or any other respiratory conditions, a high-quality infiltration is required. It’s best if the cheaper vacuums have a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. That means it could purify the air from 99.97% of all harmful particles, as tiny as 0.3 microns. It doesn’t matter if it’s “True HEPA,” “Absolute HEPA,” or “Certified HEPA.”

If the vacuum you are considering is from a country other than the USA, you may not see the HEPA spec. However, it could be an S-Class filter or SEBO. They guarantee the same filtration quality as HEPA.

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Durability and Quality


As you are looking for an inexpensive vacuum cleaner, know that it won’t last decades. However, you may expect about three years of life span. When buying, you should check if the product is made of reliable components. Good materials don’t guarantee the highest quality, though. The seals should be secure. Shake the stick vacuums if you can. Lousy products will show hints of rubbish and low quality materials.

Indeed, models coming from a trustful brand name could say more about the overall quality. Before buying, at least check online to see what people are saying about it. The warranties are also an implication. Extended warranties mean the manufacturers are confident in their products.

Ease of Use

Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews, no matter how much they cost, should be easy to use. If you cannot maneuver the vacuum smoothly, no matter what people say about it, it isn’t worth any amount you pay.

If you can, look for a lightweight vacuum. Although cleaning is not a difficult task, it may make you tired, or at least make your hands sore holding the machine for a long time. A light vacuum could deal with the problem, and make you find cleaning more of a pleasure than hardships and toils.

How to Find a Good Cheap Vacuum Cleaner

Buy from a reliable distributor

Keep in mind that people can pay to make their website look fancy. So, unless you are on a secure trusted site, such as Amazon, BestBuy, etc. don’t waste your money. Some mal webs could deceive you with persuasive promises and good deals for excellent vacuums, then take your money away forever.

Big webs, on the other hand, have a bunch of adjustable options, like the price range. This way, you can find the best within your budget easily.

Make some compromises

Because the deal we are looking for is inexpensive (under $100), you have to accept that some cool features might not be available. Surely, an inexpensive vacuum could have excellent performance, but the number of attachments might be limited. For example, you may not find HEPA filtration, but something of lower quality.

The tip here is: know your needs. When you own such a small apartment, don’t bother with expensive cordless options. A cheap vacuum with a not-so-long cord could work just as well.

Look for discounts

Sometimes, such as on Black Friday, you can find a fantastic deal! Unlike scam websites, Amazon, BestBuy, Ikea, and others will offer “authentic” discounts. This means the price during such events is indeed much lower than the original price.

As another option, why don’t you look into a second-hand shop? My family sold off some good vacuums to those shops just before we got something better in a higher price range. And I know that many households do the same, too.

The Verdict

High-end vacuum cleaners
will indeed come with high prices. But if your need is as limited as your budget, why don’t you think outside the box? There are a bunch of decent choices for inexpensive vacuum cleaners. Just keep in mind the must-have features, and find one from a trustworthy brand. It won’t disappoint you.
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