Tutorial How to create and launch your own rocket in Orbiter 2010P1


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Aug 5, 2018
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This tutorial aims to teach you how to create and launch your own rockets in orbiter 2010. It's known that Multistage addon (Vinka's original or the Fred18's 2015 version), allow you create single or multistage rockets easily by editing a .ini file with notepad. Any rocket that you make with this addon is composed by 4 main parts:

1) A config INI file
2) A body MSH file
3) A scenario SCN file
4) And a texture DDS file

The scenario file is like others in orbiter, and the config file is basically the direct contribution of Multistage addon. So that, when some users or new addon developers are looking for create their first rocket, faces with the challenge of making the other two files: the meshes (MSH) and how to attach textures (DDS) to that meshes, and this could be quite difficult in the beginning. The main goal of this tutorial is to elucidate that: the ‘step by step’ in how to create the body of your rocket, the texture file, how to configure it by using Multistage 2015 and of course how to create the scenario file for finally launch your own rocket in Orbiter.

Along with this tutorial I have attached a Japanese H-IIB rocket model made by myself as a reference (it could guide you in the process of create a rocket).

Good flight :)


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