Question How did you get into Orbiter Sim?


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Nov 22, 2019
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Hampton, Virginia
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Hello Everyone!
How did you discover and start playing Orbiter Space Flight Simulator?
My story goes like this.
I was watching a youtube video where the Youtuber Swiss001 builds his own aircraft and tries flying them.
Instead of doing my work, I procrastinated and decided to give the game a try. It was called Kerbal Space Program.
I fell in love with it, and became a huge fan and would play it all the time.
About a year later, I was bored in class, and I wanted to see if there is another game like Kerbal, so I searched up "Online game like Kerbal Space Program"
Then, on a random KSP forum post, I discovered someone mentioning the game "Orbiter".
I immediately went to and read through the description.
I was excited and was ready to play. I downloaded it and tried to play it, but I had no idea what the controls were (I was naive and didn't read the manual).
I tried playing the "tutorial" in which you learn about reference planes and the "Navball", but since I didn't know the controls, I used the orientation autopilots and made the narrator mad ? .
Anyways, I discovered David Courtney's videos and began binge-watching them. I slowly but surely learned concepts and in-depth of the basics I learned from Kerbal, and I applied concepts from one to the other.
I did my first orbit, first rendezvous, first docking, first lunar fly-by, first lunar landing, first LEO reentry and landing, then I got a bit more confident and fell in love with the XR2 and XR5.
I recently did my first lunar direct reentry and landing, which I think is a pretty great feat.
Thanks for reading my story, I can't wait to read your stories. :)