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Nov 3, 2009
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June 5 1966 was the EVA day for Gemini 9A.. it was called that by NASA do you the deaths of the prime crew Elliot See and Charlie Basset replaced by the backup crew Tom Stafford and Gene Cernan both went on to play a big part in the Apollo program. I wonder today about what role the prime crew would have played had they lived as See was a favorite of Deke Slayton.
With the loss of the Agena Nasa called up the ATDA which had no propulsion system and it used the re entry pack from the already flown Gemini 6 capsule as its RCS system.
the Atlas had to burn about 48 seconds longer to place the ATDA in orbit and then the payload shroud did not separate properly. Gemini 9 launched 2 days later and practiced rendezvous then backed away and the next day a little over a year from Ed Whites EVA Gene Cernan made NASA's second EVA and attempted to don the AMU but found that to be to hard so had to quit and not fly the AMU for the air force which wanted to use that in the MOL program. With his visor almost all fogged up Cernan did make it back inside and the landing was made the next day . Gemini 9 is one of my favorite missions as I was out of school for the summer and was able to watch on a black and white TV we had at the time . CBS had a mockup they used to show Cernan's EVA and looked pretty good until the right hatch fell open . you can watch the whole EVA on You Tube
Many thanks to Gattis for creating the ATDA and the AMU in Orbiter for me to fly this mission


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