Color of STS-1 and STS-2 fuel tanks? (Plastic modelling)


Nowhere Man
May 1, 2014
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Hey guys, just want to know so that some time in the future I can build/paint a model of the STS-1 Columbia stack.
I know that during the first 2 shuttle missions, the fuel tanks were painted white, but what shade of white is it exactly? I want to paint the accurate colors on the model...
Also, what colors should I mix and how many percent of each color should I mix in to get the same color/shade of white as its fuel tank? Anybody can answer, and for those of you who've had experience in building an STS-1 model, please tell me how you've got the colors accurate and what you've done.
I assume that many scale modellers here also built a regular space shuttle stack, so you may also tell me how to get the color of the usual, rusty-brown fuel tank and colors used and mixed, and how many percent.
If possible, please tell me what colors I should use to paint the shuttle orbiter itself for each era (the first two orbiters, the 80s to 90s design, and the modern design), and how to paint the details. And in the future I consider painting an STS-135 Atlantis model, so what color is the heat shield at the bottom of the shuttle exactly, a shade of black or grey? And how to achieve this, as well as a weathering effect?
Optional, but whoever reading this thread may post interesting facts about the space shuttle, or its fuel tanks, and the launch stack, or even mainly about the shuttle program. I like to learn new things that I may not know any feed myself with information (one of the reasons why I asked many questions.) Sorry if I pestered you all with too many questions and a long post...thanks for reading all this.