Basically Most of My Oddities For Different and Other Stuff

May 1, 2021
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Los Angeles
Hi, so the title was supposed to be the original title for my first thread, but I decided to break it into another post. Here's some of the "oddities" or problems I have in different mods and stuff. Also this doesn't mention anything I've posted about. Also need help fixing the "oddities" as well.

1. AMSO: So for AMSO I'm having trouble doing EVAs. Since I can't walk on the moon or float in space when I'm out of the cockpit. Even after reading the manual and pressing all of the buttons I am still stuck in 1 place. This goes for all EVA sequences in any AMSO mod.

2. Gemini4orbiter-main (this is the name of the zip file): For some reason for this mod, when I load it up everything is missing, when I go into cockpit view nothing works. Also I can't get the launch auto pilot key "p" (from the manual) to work.

3. The Stock Orbiter "Canaveral" Base: So for this one, even when I have the Space-X tower on the base the Shuttle Pad still pops up and I have to switch the config files in order to work.

Whelp, I'll break this thread into two, basically I'll reply to this thread with another list of things.
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