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Default Sim cockpit hardware USB interface device

Edit: Missed the SimPit subforum when posting this, sorry. Reposted there. This post could be deleted.

Sorry if this has been discussed before or is common knowledge. A forum search didn't find any mention of this particular device. I happened to run across it while searching USB info. It seems like it might be convenient for certain Sim-Cockpit tasks. Again, there may be easier well known ways to do this - if so, sorry.

PoScope.com sells the PoKeys55T ($90, 50 Euro), a USB device that attaches to a computer and provides joystick and keyboard emulation. They have other interesting USB devices available also.


I don't know much about this topic, but from reading the manual, I believe you could use it to:

Attach signaling devices to the PoKeys55T that are translated to USB keyboard and joystick signals sent to the computer.

For example, it has 55 pins to which you can attach switches. Each one can be programmed to send a keystroke (or multi-keystroke macros with shift, alt, etc. modifiers) when the switch is activated.

The PoKeys55T has 5 analog inputs, and one analog output. Presumably, you could (for example) create a docking "translational controller" hardware piece and use the PoKeys55T to convert from your analog voltages to joystick USB HID (human interface device) signals to the computer.

Once you program the PoKeys55T via some provided Windows .NET software or use their API, and save the configuration into flash memory on the PoKeys55T, the target computer will need no special software installed to work with it. (It is just like hooking up a USB keyboard or joystick at this point.)

Up to 255 individual PoKey55T devices can be attached and programmed.

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