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Backyard Rocketry Model, Amatuer, Experimental, and High Power Rocketry. Vehicle and Motor/Engine Design, Physics and Math, Fabrication, Flights, Testing and Evaluation. Share your rocket projects here!

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Default Printing metal rocket engines for under 4000-2000$ ?

September 23, 2014

Due to their ability to construct complex components for the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries, metal 3D printing systems are some of the most coveted and most expensive 3D printers on the market. With price tags in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, small businesses may have trouble affording to even lease metal 3D printers, let alone purchase them. Aurora Labs, out of Australia, claims to have developed a metal 3D printer with a price that rivals that of low-cost desktop fabricators. And they’ve just launched a Kickstarter to fund the mass production of their S-series metal printers, selling them for under $4,000.

Aurora Labs has come up with a technique they call “Acute Angle Printing”. Though they don’t go into specific details about how it works (other than to say that they’ve “developed some remarkable new technologies”), their campaign claims that it allows them to 3D print multiple metals simultaneously, with the potential to sinter ceramics and plastics in the future. They also boast to print objects that are 99.5% dense, almost as dense as investment cast parts, at layer thicknesses of about 50 microns and feature sizes of about 100 microns.


Of course, Michigan Tech put out their designs for a sub-$2,000 metal 3D printer that used arc welding to make some pretty crude metal prints



video at 2m32s:
design an manufacture time reduced from 8 months to a day
3,000 kg thrust
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3d printing

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