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Originally Posted by Donamy View Post
 If we could move docking points, like attachment points. Retracting docking meshes would be easy. One vessel is used for the docking mechanism, and the other one for the maneuvering. As it is now, you cannot fire thrusters of an attached vessel.

What I did was, make a docking mesh with the thrusters and moving attachment point. While it is attached to vessel mesh, it moves the attached vessel, while retracting the docking mechanism. Looks nice, but there are problems. For instance the visual thrusters, don't move with the other vessel as well as the VC. Of course this could be fixed with a remote control, that supported key presses.

Hard to explain.
I think I understood and I have ideas but they are all vessel specific. I mean not for a VB vessel, since they require some play around that would be impossible to implement in a generic module.

for example my first idea would be to simulate docking and instead of hard docking just keep the vessels in place by vessel status updating. I used it sometimes and it works very well, for example the FollowMe tool is a vessel that stays in place relevant to the VB vessel through this procedure and as you see it stays in place very well. Then you could "retract" the probe and once in the right position the two docking ports would dock and the vessel status update would cease. I think this would really work, but I don't think I can put it in VB. If I have to make a specific vessel then yes, but with such a generic module...

Originally Posted by 4throck View Post
 Donamy's suggestions are important.

I think the joint RCS system could be handled by multiple configs.
You have a second config with extra thruster groups, belonging to the second vessel. The configs switch on a docking event.
yep, that would be my first idea as well

Originally Posted by 4throck View Post
 Animated docking ports can be faked by mesh animation, but that's not ideal. It's best for the port to really move, even if it's not smooth visually. Conceptually it's the right solution.
The issue is that IIRC docking ports cannot be moved with something docked to it, so even moving or reconfiguring them would not work
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