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Orbiter Lua Scripting Find support, share snippets and general discussion around using the Lua engine in Orbiter.

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Old 07-24-2019, 05:20 PM   #1
Default Is there a good way in Lua to determine vertical velocity?

Is there a good way in Lua to determine what your vertical velocity is at any given time? Thanks in advance.
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From Orbiterroot\Html\Orbiter.chm Orbiter Scripting→Reference→Class Methods→Vessel Methods

vel = v:get_airspeedvector(frame)
Returns the true airspeed vector in the requested frame of reference.

frame (integer): frame of reference flag (see REFFRAME identifiers)

Return values:
vel (vector): true airspeed vector [m/s]

Valid entries for frame are:

REFFRAME.GLOBAL airspeed in global frame
REFFRAME.LOCAL airspeed in local vessel frame
REFFRAME.REFLOCAL airspeed in local planet frame
REFFRAME.HORIZON airspeed in local horizon frame

See also:
get_airspeed, get_groundspeedvector
If you want the vertical velocity as indicated in SurfaceMFD you need:

vel = v:get_airspeedvector(REFFRAME.HORIZON)
vertical_v = vel.y
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That is a tremendous help. Thanks.
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