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Math & Physics Mathematical and physical problems of space flight and astronomy.

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What would living on a Titan colony be like. It would be work but also
a hell of alot of fun. (all of the following could be tested on the Moon first)
And which is easier, Melting Rock to make a large habitat or melting ICE? Mars requires the first, Titan requires the second.


Habitat, Foraging, Recreation.


Consider a habitat Powered by Breeder Thorium Reactors, and made by hollowing out an Icy Hill. A hollow with a 4 mile diameter 1 mile high. You have created a surface consisting of active soil down to 10 feet, then sand and clay down to 15 feet further and crushed rock base about 5 feet at the bottom which is in direct contact with the Titan Ice.

The challenge is to keep the temps near surface at comfy 20c while up high near the ceiling temperatures should never be above -20C so at to keep your roof from melting. ( for Farming, the temperature must be regulated
to prevent damage to roots of trees and other deeper root vegetation)

Two ways to do this, depending of the cost in energy and materials.

1) You run cold N2/O2 air through warmers at the ground level.
Knowing that it will rise and cool off, You would have to be careful
at the edges where the rising warmer air is very close to the Ice ceiling.

2) You could create a couple of overlaying envelopes up high to maintain
the temperature differential. With lower G's of Titan, just modest warmth
would keep the envelopes fluffed up.

3) You would need a back up, if for some reason the Envelopes were severly
compromised, Probably a ceiling valves to let the titan air in. THAT would cool a warming incident.


Well, it helps That 95% of the materials for Life Support are there.
But it will be important to find sources of minerals. If they are within
a few hundred miles Robotic Harvesters can be sent via Air ship.

I suspect the heavier Ores may not be within easy reach of the surface.
They may need to be harvested from other moons of saturn two moons are short hop away, Delta V wise. Matter of fact You could use a more shielded Apollo Era Lunar Lander to get you there and back.

Here is the advantage of a thick amosphere on a low G world, you can put a foldable Propeller on top of any craft to lift you to considerable height before igniting your engines, saving quite a bit a fuel, and not having to create a solid rock/iron landing platform for take off and landing. (LEM fuel burn would
create a furious and explosive event if it were used right on the surface of Titan).

Recreation: Never mind personal wings to let you fly. that's just showing off.

How About:

1) Public transportation based on small Rigid airships. Guided by cables it
would be like your Airport transporter

2) Walking on water, special water "shoes" would allow you to cross a
river. (assuming there are a few in at he colony site)

3) Invent a sport for a low G enviroment.

4) sky diving. from the top of the dome (in thermal suit) What is the
terminal velocity at .15 G, in a 1000mb enviroment. Actually about
40 K/sec. But you would take a longer time to get to that terminal velocity

So you could float for 4,000 feet and pull the chord. I think this would
last about 3.75 minutes.

5) take a sail, on one of the Titan Methane/Ethane Lakes or How about
Submarine ride on the deeper ones at 75 feet deep.

On Mars I hear that it's fun to

Throw some pee out of your pee bag and watch it freze out.

Watch Dust devils clog up your ride.

Pretend all the girls redheads.

Compare your Hampsters cushy home compared to your Cave.

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