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Orbiter Visualization Project Orbiter external graphics development.

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Old 08-12-2011, 06:02 PM   #691
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Getting a texture problem with RC30 and AMSO Apollo 8.

Not all hair is affected. Here is the astronaut sitting next to him.

I don't have time today to check and see if there is a problem with all AMSO.

Running a Nividia GX 8800 at 1600 x 900. Running in regular client looks fine.

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Old 08-14-2011, 02:01 PM   #692
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Thanks for RC30
I've recorded a video showing normal mapping in action:

I could create better normal maps for DG editing the orb's ones(if you'll allow me orb).
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Old 08-14-2011, 07:11 PM   #693
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Originally Posted by luki1997a View Post
 I could create better normal maps for DG editing the orb's ones(if you'll allow me orb).
If you really want to edit these test only normal maps, then go ahead. But I'm making new ones, and this time not by simply applying a filter to the texture, but by making the texture from scratch (like I've written there).
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Old 08-15-2011, 05:44 AM   #694
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Default ISS & XR2 Normal Maps

Would anyone like some XR2 normal textures?

I used GIMP to generate them, but had a little trouble with the bottom hull.

XR2 Normals.zip

I also have some for the ISS:

NOTE: I made modifications to the ProjectAlpha_ISS.msh, if you don't want to modify that, then just delete the mesh folder in the archive.
ISS Normals.zip
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Old 08-15-2011, 02:33 PM   #695
Beta Tester

Default D3D9ClientRC31

Here is RC31.

- Startup CTD should be fixed. (Testing required)
- AMSO Texture issue is fixed
- Ctrl-P Pause bug is fixed.
- MFD screen/HUD animation transformation implemented.
- Local light sources now effects in Normal Maps.
- Supported and recommended formats for normal maps are R8G8B8, V8U8, DXT5nm. (CxV8U8, L8A8 are unsupported) (nVidia texture tools can produce V8U8 format)

Note: D3D9ClientNrm shader set is no longer used. That folder should be removed.

Attachment removed

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Old 08-15-2011, 03:30 PM   #696
Addon Developer
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The CTD bug at startup is fixed.

But now, meshes that are untextured are invisible, as shown below (all the visible parts are textured). The model was made with Anim8tor.

(I precise it was working with RC30 and all previous releases...)

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Old 08-15-2011, 03:35 PM   #697
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Originally Posted by N_Molson View Post
 The CTD bug at startup is fixed.

But now, meshes that are untextured are invisible, as shown below (all the visible parts are textured). The model was made with Anim8tor.
That happens when D3D9Client can't find the textures. Check the paths to the textures in the msh files.
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Old 08-15-2011, 03:39 PM   #698
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There's no problem with the textured meshes. Only with untextured ones.
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Old 08-15-2011, 04:16 PM   #699
Beta Tester


Originally Posted by N_Molson View Post
 There's no problem with the textured meshes. Only with untextured ones.
I made some changes into a code section that could cause a bug like that.

Does the "EnableNormalMapping" parameter have any effect ?
Is the "ShaderFolder" parameter set to "D3D9Client" ?
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Old 08-15-2011, 04:22 PM   #700
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Does the "EnableNormalMapping" parameter have any effect ?
No, it was 1 by default in the .cfg file, I set it to 0, no changes noticed, same issue.

Is the "ShaderFolder" parameter set to "D3D9Client" ?
Yes, I didn't touched that.
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Old 08-15-2011, 05:48 PM   #701
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Originally Posted by N_Molson View Post
 But now, meshes that are untextured are invisible, as shown below (all the visible parts are textured). The model was made with Anim8tor.
I can reproduce this bug.
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Old 08-15-2011, 05:52 PM   #702
Beta Tester


Originally Posted by Columbia42 View Post
 I can reproduce this bug.
How ?

What addon are you using ?

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Old 08-15-2011, 05:54 PM   #703
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Originally Posted by jarmonik View Post
 How ?
All untextured meshes are invisible with the latest release of the client. I'm pretty sure the other releases did not have this bug.
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Old 08-15-2011, 06:04 PM   #704
Beta Tester


Originally Posted by Columbia42 View Post
 All untextured meshes are invisible with the latest release of the client. I'm pretty sure the other releases did not have this bug.
I am unable to produce this bug. I have used a multi-pass technique in RC31 that I have never used before. If only a textured objects are shown then only the first pass is rendered. Are there any errors in the Log ?
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Old 08-15-2011, 06:08 PM   #705
Addon Developer
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There are 3 errors, but they seem unrelated (HUD display, SketchPad) :

HTML Code:
D3D9Client Log

(0: 0.00s 1us)(0xDB8) ================ clbkInitialise ===============
(1: 0.00s 82us)(0xDB8) Orbiter Version = 100830
(2: 0.01s 5717us)(0xDB8) Index:0 640 x 480 60Hz (22)
(3: 0.01s 5829us)(0xDB8) Index:1 640 x 480 70Hz (22)
(4: 0.01s 6748us)(0xDB8) Index:2 640 x 480 72Hz (22)
(5: 0.01s 7154us)(0xDB8) Index:3 640 x 480 75Hz (22)
(6: 0.01s 7483us)(0xDB8) Index:4 720 x 480 60Hz (22)
(7: 0.01s 7813us)(0xDB8) Index:5 720 x 576 60Hz (22)
(8: 0.01s 8144us)(0xDB8) Index:6 800 x 600 60Hz (22)
(9: 0.01s 8733us)(0xDB8) Index:7 800 x 600 70Hz (22)
(10: 0.01s 9414us)(0xDB8) Index:8 800 x 600 72Hz (22)
(11: 0.01s 9825us)(0xDB8) Index:9 800 x 600 75Hz (22)
(12: 0.01s 10163us)(0xDB8) Index:10 1024 x 768 60Hz (22)
(13: 0.01s 10649us)(0xDB8) Index:11 1024 x 768 70Hz (22)
(14: 0.01s 10984us)(0xDB8) Index:12 1024 x 768 72Hz (22)
(15: 0.01s 11309us)(0xDB8) Index:13 1024 x 768 75Hz (22)
(16: 0.01s 11632us)(0xDB8) Index:14 1152 x 864 60Hz (22)
(17: 0.01s 11977us)(0xDB8) Index:15 1152 x 864 70Hz (22)
(18: 0.01s 12305us)(0xDB8) Index:16 1152 x 864 72Hz (22)
(19: 0.01s 12756us)(0xDB8) Index:17 1152 x 864 75Hz (22)
(20: 0.01s 13086us)(0xDB8) Index:18 1280 x 720 60Hz (22)
(21: 0.01s 13411us)(0xDB8) Index:19 1280 x 768 60Hz (22)
(22: 0.01s 13735us)(0xDB8) Index:20 1280 x 768 70Hz (22)
(23: 0.02s 14179us)(0xDB8) Index:21 1280 x 768 72Hz (22)
(24: 0.02s 15208us)(0xDB8) Index:22 1280 x 768 75Hz (22)
(25: 0.02s 15773us)(0xDB8) Index:23 1280 x 800 60Hz (22)
(26: 0.02s 16194us)(0xDB8) Index:24 1280 x 800 70Hz (22)
(27: 0.02s 16684us)(0xDB8) Index:25 1280 x 800 72Hz (22)
(28: 0.02s 17015us)(0xDB8) Index:26 1280 x 800 75Hz (22)
(29: 0.02s 17343us)(0xDB8) Index:27 1280 x 960 60Hz (22)
(30: 0.02s 17670us)(0xDB8) Index:28 1280 x 960 70Hz (22)
(31: 0.02s 17995us)(0xDB8) Index:29 1280 x 960 72Hz (22)
(32: 0.02s 18321us)(0xDB8) Index:30 1280 x 960 75Hz (22)
(33: 0.02s 18568us)(0xDB8) Index:31 1280 x 1024 60Hz (22)
(34: 0.02s 18599us)(0xDB8) Index:32 1280 x 1024 70Hz (22)
(35: 0.02s 18629us)(0xDB8) Index:33 1280 x 1024 72Hz (22)
(36: 0.02s 18704us)(0xDB8) Index:34 1280 x 1024 75Hz (22)
(37: 0.02s 18734us)(0xDB8) Index:35 800 x 600 56Hz (22)
(38: 2.54s 1us)(0xDB8) ================ clbkCreateRenderWindow ===============
(39: 2.54s 52us)(0xDB8) ## MeshCatalog Cleared ##
(40: 2.54s 7762us)(0xDB8) [VideoConfiguration] Adapter=0, ModeIndex=32
(41: 2.55s 9114us)(0xDB8) Adapter = NVIDIA GeForce GT 240
(42: 2.55s 9155us)(0xDB8) MaxTextureBlendStages..: 8
(43: 2.55s 9170us)(0xDB8) MaxTextureWidth........: 8192
(44: 2.55s 9184us)(0xDB8) MaxTextureHeight.......: 8192
(45: 2.55s 9197us)(0xDB8) MaxPrimitiveCount......: 8388607
(46: 2.55s 9210us)(0xDB8) MaxVertexIndex.........: 16777215
(47: 2.55s 9223us)(0xDB8) MaxSimultaneousTextures: 8
(48: 2.55s 9236us)(0xDB8) MaxStreams.............: 16
(49: 2.55s 9250us)(0xDB8) MaxStreamStride........: 255
(50: 2.55s 9263us)(0xDB8) MaxVertexBlendMatrices.: 4
(51: 2.55s 9275us)(0xDB8) MaxVShaderInstrExecuted: 65535
(52: 2.55s 9288us)(0xDB8) MaxPointSize...........: 8192.000000
(53: 2.55s 9303us)(0xDB8) VertexShaderVersion....: 0x300
(54: 2.55s 9316us)(0xDB8) PixelShaderVersion.....: 0x300
(55: 2.55s 9330us)(0xDB8) NumSimultaneousRTs.....: 4
(56: 2.55s 9343us)(0xDB8) D3DPTEXTURECAPS_POW2...: 0
(57: 2.55s 9356us)(0xDB8) NONPOW2CONDITIONAL.....: 0
(58: 2.60s 455us)(0xDB8) Render Target = 0x99D20
(59: 2.67s 72587us)(0xDB8) eTech = 0xFE74FA27
(60: 2.67s 72647us)(0xDB8) eDraw = 0xFE74F963
(61: 2.67s 72662us)(0xDB8) eLine = 0xFE74F89F
(62: 2.67s 72678us)(0xDB8) eVP = 0xFE757993
(63: 2.67s 72694us)(0xDB8) eTex0 = 0xFE75793F
(64: 2.67s 72709us)(0xDB8) eColor = 0xFE7578EB
(65: 2.67s 72723us)(0xDB8) eData = 0xFE757897
(66: 2.67s 72768us)(0xDB8) [NEW FONT] ( Courier New), Size=16, Weight=400 Pitch&Family=31
(67: 2.68s 76705us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Ascent = 12
(68: 2.68s 76735us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Descent = 4
(69: 2.68s 76750us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Height = 16
(70: 2.68s 76763us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: AvgWidth= 8
(71: 2.68s 76776us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: MaxWidth= 9
(72: 2.68s 82639us)(0xDB8) Font and Charter set creation succesfull
(73: 2.79s 188728us)(0xDB8) Starting to initialize basic a rendering technique...
(74: 3.79s 1185162us)(0xDB8) Starting to initialize basic a rendering technique...
(75: 4.90s 27us)(0xDB8) [NEW FONT] ( Arial), Size=15, Weight=400 Pitch&Family=31
(76: 4.91s 2968us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Ascent = 12
(77: 4.91s 2991us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Descent = 3
(78: 4.91s 3005us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Height = 15
(79: 4.91s 3019us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: AvgWidth= 5
(80: 4.91s 3032us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: MaxWidth= 32
(81: 4.91s 8196us)(0xDB8) Font and Charter set creation succesfull
(82: 4.91s 8247us)(0xDB8) [NEW FONT] ( Arial), Size=18, Weight=400 Pitch&Family=31
(83: 4.91s 11147us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Ascent = 15
(84: 4.91s 11170us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Descent = 3
(85: 4.91s 11184us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Height = 18
(86: 4.91s 11197us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: AvgWidth= 7
(87: 4.91s 11210us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: MaxWidth= 43
(88: 4.92s 16937us)(0xDB8) Font and Charter set creation succesfull
(89: 5.03s 131944us)(0xDB8) CSphereManager:: Textures Loaded
(90: 5.03s 132007us)(0xDB8) CSphere Manager constructed
(91: 5.03s 132024us)(0xDB8) ================ Scene Created ===============
(92: 5.54s 26us)(0xDB8) [NEW FONT] ( Courier New), Size=-20, Weight=400 Pitch&Family=31
(93: 5.54s 3436us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Ascent = 17
(94: 5.54s 3467us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Descent = 5
(95: 5.54s 3482us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Height = 22
(96: 5.54s 3495us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: AvgWidth= 12
(97: 5.54s 3509us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: MaxWidth= 13
(98: 5.55s 9601us)(0xDB8) Font and Charter set creation succesfull
(99: 5.55s 9673us)(0xDB8) [NEW FONT] ( Arial), Size=20, Weight=400 Pitch&Family=31
(100: 5.55s 12602us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Ascent = 15
(101: 5.55s 12630us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Descent = 4
(102: 5.55s 12644us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Height = 19
(103: 5.55s 12657us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: AvgWidth= 8
(104: 5.55s 12670us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: MaxWidth= 45
(105: 5.55s 18037us)(0xDB8) Font and Charter set creation succesfull
(106: 5.81s 2785us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD5BC8 (VAB_TL1.dds) added in repository
(107: 5.82s 6816us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD5D08 (VAB_FR01.dds) added in repository
(108: 5.82s 7623us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD5E48 (VAB_TL2.dds) added in repository
(109: 5.83s 7392us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD5F88 (VAB_FR02.dds) added in repository
(110: 5.84s 11346us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD60C8 (VAB_BK01.dds) added in repository
(111: 5.85s 2208us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD6208 (LCC_WNDS.dds) added in repository
(112: 5.85s 7570us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD6348 (LCC_DRS.dds) added in repository
(113: 6.24s 359946us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD6488 (Krayniy/POL_10.dds) added in repository
(114: 6.61s 362832us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD65C8 (Krayniy/POL_01.dds) added in repository
(115: 6.99s 378476us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD6708 (Krayniy/POL_02.dds) added in repository
(116: 7.35s 369111us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD6848 (Krayniy/POL_03.dds) added in repository
(117: 7.73s 371764us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD6988 (Krayniy/POL_04.dds) added in repository
(118: 8.09s 368551us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD6AC8 (Krayniy/POL_05.dds) added in repository
(119: 8.46s 367851us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD6C08 (Krayniy/POL_06.dds) added in repository
(120: 8.84s 379099us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD6D48 (Krayniy/POL_07.dds) added in repository
(121: 9.21s 367914us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD6E88 (Krayniy/POL_08.dds) added in repository
(122: 9.57s 363757us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD6FC8 (Krayniy/POL_09.dds) added in repository
(123: 9.67s 96838us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD7108 (Krayniy/PLI_01.dds) added in repository
(124: 10.03s 357261us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD7248 (Krayniy/RAZ_00.dds) added in repository
(125: 10.18s 8223us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD7388 (Krayniy/ASPHALT.dds) added in repository
(126: 10.20s 5886us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD74C8 (Krayniy/STE2X10S.dds) added in repository
(127: 10.21s 7247us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD7608 (Krayniy/SKLOKN.dds) added in repository
(128: 10.22s 6987us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD7748 (Krayniy/SKLDVER.dds) added in repository
(129: 10.27s 53893us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD7888 (Krayniy/0015.dds) added in repository
(130: 10.27s 1586us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD79C8 (Krayniy/beton.dds) added in repository
(131: 10.35s 5554us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD7B08 (Krayniy/DVE2X10s.dds) added in repository
(132: 10.36s 7000us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD7C48 (Krayniy/OKNO02s.dds) added in repository
(133: 10.36s 7140us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD7D88 (Krayniy/OKNO01s.dds) added in repository
(134: 10.37s 6949us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD7EC8 (Krayniy/STE2X10s.dds) added in repository
(135: 10.38s 8196us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD8008 (Krayniy/kryscha.dds) added in repository
(136: 10.47s 8466us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD8148 (Krayniy/0015_n.dds) added in repository
(137: 10.48s 2896us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD8288 (Krayniy/DVE3X3.dds) added in repository
(138: 10.48s 7013us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD83C8 (Krayniy/OKNO3X3.dds) added in repository
(139: 10.50s 8157us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD8508 (Krayniy/STE3X3.dds) added in repository
(140: 10.55s 5140us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD8648 (Krayniy/KRYSHA.dds) added in repository
(141: 10.56s 7042us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD8788 (Krayniy/OKNO01S.dds) added in repository
(142: 10.57s 8243us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD88C8 (Krayniy/DVE2X10S.dds) added in repository
(143: 10.58s 7414us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD8A08 (Krayniy/OKNO02S.dds) added in repository
(144: 11.41s 8125us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD8B48 (Krayniy/KRYSCHA.dds) added in repository
(145: 11.84s 8305us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD8C88 (Krayniy/OKNO01m.dds) added in repository
(146: 11.85s 6841us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD8DC8 (Krayniy/DVE2X10m.dds) added in repository
(147: 11.85s 7049us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD8F08 (Krayniy/REFL.dds) added in repository
(148: 11.86s 7207us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD9048 (Krayniy/STE2X10m.dds) added in repository
(149: 12.04s 8201us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD9188 (Krayniy/TRUBA.dds) added in repository
(150: 12.09s 1967us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD92C8 (Krayniy/DVE2X10L.dds) added in repository
(151: 12.10s 7486us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD9408 (Krayniy/OKNO02L.dds) added in repository
(152: 12.11s 6550us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD9548 (Krayniy/okno02L.dds) added in repository
(153: 12.11s 7623us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD9688 (Krayniy/STE2X10l.dds) added in repository
(154: 12.13s 8493us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD97C8 (Krayniy/Krysha.dds) added in repository
(155: 12.14s 7959us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD9908 (Krayniy/met_red.dds) added in repository
(156: 12.15s 7231us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD9A48 (Krayniy/met_bel.dds) added in repository
(157: 12.16s 7083us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD9B88 (Krayniy/METALL.dds) added in repository
(158: 12.17s 8040us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD9CC8 (Krayniy/KRABEL.dds) added in repository
(159: 12.29s 7994us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD9E08 (Krayniy/an2_01.dds) added in repository
(160: 12.29s 8191us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BD9F48 (Krayniy/an2_02.dds) added in repository
(161: 12.30s 7046us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDA088 (Krayniy/an2_03.dds) added in repository
(162: 12.31s 6279us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDA1C8 (Krayniy/an2_04.dds) added in repository
(163: 12.31s 6838us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDA308 (Krayniy/an2_05.dds) added in repository
(164: 12.32s 7460us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDA448 (Krayniy/an2_06.dds) added in repository
(165: 12.36s 11382us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDA588 (Krayniy/tu154.dds) added in repository
(166: 12.59s 8310us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDA6C8 (Krayniy/il76_01.dds) added in repository
(167: 12.59s 8258us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDA808 (Krayniy/il76_02.dds) added in repository
(168: 12.60s 6013us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDA948 (Krayniy/il76_03.dds) added in repository
(169: 12.61s 8372us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDAA88 (Krayniy/il76_04.dds) added in repository
(170: 12.62s 7108us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDABC8 (Krayniy/il76_05.dds) added in repository
(171: 12.62s 5839us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDAD08 (Krayniy/il76_06.dds) added in repository
(172: 12.69s 1928us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDAE48 (Krayniy/an72_01.dds) added in repository
(173: 12.70s 7397us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDAF88 (Krayniy/an72_02.dds) added in repository
(174: 12.71s 6918us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDB0C8 (Krayniy/an72_03.dds) added in repository
(175: 12.72s 6926us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDB208 (Krayniy/an72_04.dds) added in repository
(176: 12.72s 6963us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDB348 (Krayniy/an72_05.dds) added in repository
(177: 12.74s 8298us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDB488 (Krayniy/an72_06.dds) added in repository
(178: 12.74s 7121us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDB5C8 (Krayniy/an72_07.dds) added in repository
(179: 12.75s 7221us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDB708 (Krayniy/an72_08.dds) added in repository
(180: 12.76s 7276us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDB848 (Krayniy/an72_09.dds) added in repository
(181: 12.77s 6728us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDB988 (Krayniy/an72_10.dds) added in repository
(182: 12.77s 7869us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDBAC8 (Krayniy/an72_11.dds) added in repository
(183: 12.78s 6411us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDBC08 (Krayniy/an72_12.dds) added in repository
(184: 12.79s 7270us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDBD48 (Krayniy/an72_13.dds) added in repository
(185: 12.80s 7057us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDBE88 (Krayniy/an72_14.dds) added in repository
(186: 13.35s 9509us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDBFC8 (Krayniy/an26_01.dds) added in repository
(187: 13.36s 5721us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDC108 (Krayniy/an26_02.dds) added in repository
(188: 13.47s 9351us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDC248 (Krayniy/an12_01.dds) added in repository
(189: 13.61s 7872us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDC388 (Krayniy/RAMABEL.dds) added in repository
(190: 13.64s 30516us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDC4C8 (Krayniy/STEKLO.dds) added in repository
(191: 13.64s 1286us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDC608 (Krayniy/ZEL.dds) added in repository
(192: 13.65s 7336us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDC748 (Krayniy/KRAS.dds) added in repository
(193: 13.73s 1549us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDC888 (Krayniy/BETON.dds) added in repository
(194: 13.75s 8008us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDC9C8 (Krayniy/RJAV.dds) added in repository
(195: 13.76s 7293us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDCB08 (Krayniy/ANTPL2.dds) added in repository
(196: 13.76s 6518us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDCC48 (Krayniy/BALKON2.dds) added in repository
(197: 13.77s 7387us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDCD88 (Krayniy/RAMA.dds) added in repository
(198: 13.78s 6727us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDCEC8 (Krayniy/BALK3D.dds) added in repository
(199: 13.79s 7096us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDD008 (Krayniy/NOJKA.dds) added in repository
(200: 13.79s 7760us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDD148 (Krayniy/PORUCH.dds) added in repository
(201: 13.80s 6637us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDD288 (Krayniy/BAYKONUR.dds) added in repository
(202: 13.81s 7297us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDD3C8 (Krayniy/SETKAG.dds) added in repository
(203: 13.81s 6949us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDD508 (Krayniy/SETKAV.dds) added in repository
(204: 13.83s 8080us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDD648 (Krayniy/KRIOK2.dds) added in repository
(205: 13.84s 8325us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDD788 (Krayniy/KRIOK1.dds) added in repository
(206: 13.85s 6958us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDD8C8 (Krayniy/EMBLKIRP.dds) added in repository
(207: 13.86s 7036us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDDA08 (Krayniy/TOW1_1.dds) added in repository
(208: 13.86s 6970us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDDB48 (Krayniy/TOW1_15.dds) added in repository
(209: 13.87s 7346us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDDC88 (Krayniy/TOW1_14.dds) added in repository
(210: 13.88s 7182us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDDDC8 (Krayniy/TOW1_13.dds) added in repository
(211: 13.89s 7046us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDDF08 (Krayniy/TOW1_12.dds) added in repository
(212: 13.89s 7273us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDE048 (Krayniy/TOW1_11.dds) added in repository
(213: 13.90s 6950us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDE188 (Krayniy/TOW1_10.dds) added in repository
(214: 13.91s 7206us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDE2C8 (Krayniy/TOW1_9.dds) added in repository
(215: 13.92s 7300us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDE408 (Krayniy/TOW1_8.dds) added in repository
(216: 13.92s 7061us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDE548 (Krayniy/TOW1_7.dds) added in repository
(217: 13.93s 7267us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDE688 (Krayniy/TOW1_6.dds) added in repository
(218: 13.94s 7028us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDE7C8 (Krayniy/TOW1_5.dds) added in repository
(219: 13.94s 7204us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDE908 (Krayniy/TOW1_4.dds) added in repository
(220: 13.95s 7322us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDEA48 (Krayniy/TOW1_3.dds) added in repository
(221: 13.96s 6962us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDEB88 (Krayniy/TOW1_2.dds) added in repository
(222: 13.99s 3379us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDECC8 (Krayniy/null.dds) added in repository
(223: 14.00s 13719us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDEE08 (Krayniy/zel2.dds) added in repository
(224: 14.04s 32815us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDEF48 (Krayniy/KLUMBA.dds) added in repository
(225: 14.05s 5981us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDF088 (Krayniy/POR.dds) added in repository
(226: 14.09s 13020us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDF1C8 (Krayniy/ZABOR5.dds) added in repository
(227: 14.11s 15757us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDF308 (Krayniy/zabor5.dds) added in repository
(228: 14.18s 6986us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDF448 (Krayniy/zabor1.dds) added in repository
(229: 14.20s 7762us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDF588 (Krayniy/ZABOR1.dds) added in repository
(230: 14.31s 20299us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDF6C8 (Krayniy/03X15.dds) added in repository
(231: 14.32s 4578us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDF808 (Krayniy/03X3.dds) added in repository
(232: 14.32s 4061us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDF948 (Krayniy/golub.dds) added in repository
(233: 14.35s 15908us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDFA88 (Krayniy/red_01.dds) added in repository
(234: 14.38s 17456us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDFBC8 (Krayniy/red_02.dds) added in repository
(235: 14.40s 17062us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDFD08 (Krayniy/red_03.dds) added in repository
(236: 14.43s 17199us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDFE48 (Krayniy/red_04.dds) added in repository
(237: 14.45s 16244us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BDFF88 (Krayniy/red_05.dds) added in repository
(238: 14.47s 12836us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE00C8 (Krayniy/yel_01.dds) added in repository
(239: 14.50s 13554us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE0208 (Krayniy/yel_02.dds) added in repository
(240: 14.52s 12688us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE0348 (Krayniy/yel_03.dds) added in repository
(241: 14.54s 12548us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE0488 (Krayniy/yel_04.dds) added in repository
(242: 14.56s 12424us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE05C8 (Krayniy/yel_05.dds) added in repository
(243: 14.58s 12800us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE0708 (Krayniy/yel_06.dds) added in repository
(244: 14.60s 12631us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE0848 (Krayniy/yel_07.dds) added in repository
(245: 14.62s 13153us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE0988 (Krayniy/yel_08.dds) added in repository
(246: 14.65s 16644us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE0AC8 (Krayniy/5_23-.dds) added in repository
(247: 14.68s 16683us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE0C08 (Krayniy/1_05-.dds) added in repository
(248: 14.71s 1890us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE0D48 (AMSO\rock1.dds) added in repository
(249: 14.84s 2767us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE0E88 (AMSO\ROCK1.dds) added in repository
(250: 15.05s 2100us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE0FC8 (AMSO\Rock1.dds) added in repository
(251: 15.06s 7103us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE1108 (AMSO\rille.dds) added in repository
(252: 15.20s 3353us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE1248 (AMSO\surveyor_copperfoil.dds) added in repository
(253: 15.20s 6791us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE1388 (AMSO\surveyor_metal.dds) added in repository
(254: 15.21s 6721us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE14C8 (AMSO\surveyor_atl_hull.dds) added in repository
(255: 15.22s 13786us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE1608 (AMSO\surveyor_solarpnl.dds) added in repository
(256: 15.44s 4402us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE1748 (UMmu\BaseMoonExt.dds) added in repository
(257: 15.45s 5862us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE1888 (UMmu\BaseMoonRoof.dds) added in repository
(258: 15.46s 7144us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE19C8 (UMmu\BaseMoonFloor.dds) added in repository
(259: 15.46s 6935us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE1B08 (UMmu\BaseMoonSide.dds) added in repository
(260: 16.03s 959us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE1C48 (ISS_DC.dds) added in repository
(261: 16.03s 6781us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE1D88 (ISS_DCS.dds) added in repository
(262: 16.04s 7348us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE1EC8 (D_RING.dds) added in repository
(263: 16.05s 7216us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE2008 (ISSPANEL.dds) added in repository
(264: 16.06s 6758us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE2148 (ISSMOD.dds) added in repository
(265: 16.06s 7226us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE2288 (ISSCOVER.dds) added in repository
(266: 16.08s 13023us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE23C8 (ISSB.dds) added in repository
(267: 16.08s 1421us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE2508 (ISSP2.dds) added in repository
(268: 16.08s 6889us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE2648 (ISSDOT.dds) added in repository
(269: 16.09s 7356us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE2788 (ISSB3.dds) added in repository
(270: 16.10s 7369us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE28C8 (ISSZMOD.dds) added in repository
(271: 16.11s 6936us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE2A08 (ISSB2.dds) added in repository
(272: 16.11s 7191us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE2B48 (ISSSOLAR.dds) added in repository
(273: 16.12s 6895us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE2C88 (ISSB4.dds) added in repository
(274: 16.13s 7221us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE2DC8 (ISSKU.dds) added in repository
(275: 16.14s 7190us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE2F08 (ISSKU1.dds) added in repository
(276: 16.14s 6841us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE3048 (ISSDISH.dds) added in repository
(277: 16.15s 7183us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE3188 (ISSKU2.dds) added in repository
(278: 16.16s 7211us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE32C8 (ISSBSO.dds) added in repository
(279: 16.16s 7267us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE3408 (ISSBSO2.dds) added in repository
(280: 16.17s 6757us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE3548 (ISSMB.dds) added in repository
(281: 16.18s 7342us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE3688 (ISSUSAF.dds) added in repository
(282: 16.19s 7636us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE37C8 (NASDA.dds) added in repository
(283: 16.19s 6337us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE3908 (ISSRAD.dds) added in repository
(284: 16.20s 7296us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE3A48 (ISSESA.dds) added in repository
(285: 16.21s 6844us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE3B88 (ISSBS.dds) added in repository
(286: 16.21s 7271us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE3CC8 (ISSCUP.dds) added in repository
(287: 16.22s 7152us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE3E08 (METALCON.dds) added in repository
(288: 16.23s 7031us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE3F48 (ISSINS.dds) added in repository
(289: 16.24s 7343us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE4088 (QUESTCOV.dds) added in repository
(290: 16.24s 8322us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE41C8 (GRAPLE.dds) added in repository
(291: 16.25s 5749us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE4308 (ISSCOV2.dds) added in repository
(292: 16.26s 7218us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE4448 (ISSHAND.dds) added in repository
(293: 16.26s 7092us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE4588 (ISS_UN.dds) added in repository
(294: 16.27s 6855us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE46C8 (ISSRED.dds) added in repository
(295: 16.28s 7307us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE4808 (ISSUSA.dds) added in repository
(296: 16.34s 9096us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BE72A0 (Contrail2.dds) added in repository
(297: 16.37s 1959us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BEA148 (SRB.dds) added in repository
(298: 16.37s 6948us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BEA230 (SRBU.dds) added in repository
(299: 16.38s 6921us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BEA370 (SRBL.dds) added in repository
(300: 16.39s 7029us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1BEAA90 (Exhaust2.dds) added in repository
(301: 16.43s 30us)(0xDB8) [NEW FONT] ( Courier New), Size=-17, Weight=400 Pitch&Family=31
(302: 16.43s 3618us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Ascent = 15
(303: 16.43s 3648us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Descent = 5
(304: 16.43s 3662us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Height = 20
(305: 16.43s 3676us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: AvgWidth= 10
(306: 16.43s 3689us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: MaxWidth= 11
(307: 16.44s 10355us)(0xDB8) Font and Charter set creation succesfull
(308: 16.44s 10441us)(0xDB8) [NEW FONT] ( Arial), Size=-12, Weight=400 Pitch&Family=31
(309: 16.44s 13998us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Ascent = 12
(310: 16.44s 14044us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Descent = 3
(311: 16.44s 14058us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Height = 15
(312: 16.44s 14071us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: AvgWidth= 5
(313: 16.44s 14084us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: MaxWidth= 32
(314: 16.45s 20991us)(0xDB8) Font and Charter set creation succesfull
(315: 16.45s 21079us)(0xDB8) [NEW FONT] ( Arial), Size=-17, Weight=400 Pitch&Family=31
(316: 16.45s 24482us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Ascent = 15
(317: 16.45s 24529us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Descent = 4
(318: 16.45s 24543us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Height = 19
(319: 16.45s 24556us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: AvgWidth= 8
(320: 16.45s 24570us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: MaxWidth= 45
(321: 16.46s 30152us)(0xDB8) Font and Charter set creation succesfull
(322: 16.47s 2367us)(0xDB8) [NEW FONT] ( Arial), Size=20, Weight=400 Pitch&Family=31
(323: 16.47s 5821us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Ascent = 16
(324: 16.47s 5854us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Descent = 4
(325: 16.47s 5868us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Height = 20
(326: 16.47s 5881us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: AvgWidth= 8
(327: 16.47s 5894us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: MaxWidth= 27
(328: 16.48s 11795us)(0xDB8) Font and Charter set creation succesfull
(329: 16.48s 11876us)(0xDB8) [NEW FONT] ( Courier New), Size=20, Weight=400 Pitch&Family=31
(330: 16.48s 15400us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Ascent = 15
(331: 16.48s 15442us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Descent = 5
(332: 16.48s 15457us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Height = 20
(333: 16.48s 15470us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: AvgWidth= 10
(334: 16.48s 15483us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: MaxWidth= 11
(335: 16.49s 21658us)(0xDB8) Font and Charter set creation succesfull
(336: 16.49s 30us)(0xDB8) [NEW FONT] ( Arial), Size=-29, Weight=400 Pitch&Family=31
(337: 16.49s 2907us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Ascent = 27
(338: 16.49s 2928us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Descent = 6
(339: 16.49s 2942us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: Height = 33
(340: 16.49s 2956us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: AvgWidth= 13
(341: 16.49s 2969us)(0xDB8) TextMetrics: MaxWidth= 77
(342: 16.50s 11714us)(0xDB8) Font and Charter set creation succesfull
(343: 16.50s 1us)(0xDB8) ================ clbkPostCreation ===============
(344: 16.50s 1us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Sun) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x3FC778, Vis=0x1BEBEB0, Rec=0x1C038D8, Type=3
(345: 16.50s 17us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Mercury) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x35FB688, Vis=0x1C03918, Rec=0x1C038F8, Type=4
(346: 16.54s 36663us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1C0FE90 (cloud1.dds) added in repository
(347: 16.54s 36704us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Venus) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x35EB170, Vis=0x1C07B78, Rec=0x1C07B58, Type=4
(348: 16.55s 6343us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x1C14228 (waves.dds) added in repository
(349: 16.55s 6779us)(0xDB8) Reading Tile Data for Earth_tile.bin
(350: 16.88s 314608us)(0xDB8) FogParams: alt_ref=4000, dens_0=5e-005, dens_ref=3e-005
(351: 16.88s 314692us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Earth) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x35EE010, Vis=0x1C0FFF0, Rec=0x1C0FFD0, Type=4
(352: 16.88s 267us)(0xDB8) Reading Tile Data for Moon_tile.bin
(353: 17.06s 183509us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Moon) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x35FBDA0, Vis=0x1CB1FC0, Rec=0x537FFE8, Type=4
(354: 17.06s 17us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Mars) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x3635FE0, Vis=0x79E8D78, Rec=0x7E33FE8, Type=4
(355: 17.07s 2997us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x79E8EE0 (Phobos.dds) added in repository
(356: 17.07s 3182us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Phobos) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x4000818, Vis=0x713A990, Rec=0x75087B0, Type=4
(357: 17.08s 1869us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x713AF18 (Deimos.dds) added in repository
(358: 17.08s 2066us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Deimos) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x3FE6818, Vis=0x713ADB0, Rec=0x6FF5FE8, Type=4
(359: 17.19s 3193us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x7556750 (ceres.dds) added in repository
(360: 17.20s 5362us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Ceres) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x3DB32B8, Vis=0x75563D0, Rec=0x772E4E0, Type=4
(361: 17.20s 52us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Jupiter) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x3DB3B58, Vis=0x7AB81B0, Rec=0x71CCFE8, Type=4
(362: 17.20s 4us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Io) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x3FE41C0, Vis=0x77A6008, Rec=0x7DDDFE8, Type=4
(363: 17.20s 4us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Europa) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x3FC0750, Vis=0x7822718, Rec=0x70CD1E8, Type=4
(364: 17.20s 4us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Ganymede) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x4012A58, Vis=0x7822C40, Rec=0x79950A8, Type=4
(365: 17.20s 3us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Callisto) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x4006828, Vis=0x7B0C878, Rec=0x715EFE8, Type=4
(366: 17.20s 4us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Saturn) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x4008888, Vis=0x7B0CDA0, Rec=0x78EFFE8, Type=4
(367: 17.20s 4us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Mimas) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x3FF2238, Vis=0x7A65D70, Rec=0x789DFE8, Type=4
(368: 17.20s 7us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Enceladus) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x3FED110, Vis=0x78746C8, Rec=0x6FD1FE8, Type=4
(369: 17.20s 6us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Tethys) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x403A008, Vis=0x79BE220, Rec=0x6F68FE8, Type=4
(370: 17.20s 4us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Dione) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x3FED7F8, Vis=0x79BE5A0, Rec=0x6D5DFE8, Type=4
(371: 17.20s 4us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Rhea) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x404B7B8, Vis=0x723A008, Rec=0x6B60E18, Type=4
(372: 17.20s 20us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Titan) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x404BF50, Vis=0x723A388, Rec=0x6CB1E18, Type=4
(373: 17.20s 4us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Hyperion) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x4018460, Vis=0x757D008, Rec=0x6B3FDA0, Type=4
(374: 17.20s 5us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Iapetus) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x4015C48, Vis=0x757D530, Rec=0x6EDCCB0, Type=4
(375: 17.20s 21us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Uranus) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x4016398, Vis=0x1C1B5D0, Rec=0x6C8FB48, Type=4
(376: 17.20s 4us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Miranda) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x4016A80, Vis=0x1C1F7F8, Rec=0x6DC5FE8, Type=4
(377: 17.20s 3us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Ariel) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x4017168, Vis=0x1C1FD20, Rec=0x6E2DA30, Type=4
(378: 17.20s 3us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Umbriel) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x40383D0, Vis=0x1C1FE88, Rec=0x6ABB788, Type=4
(379: 17.20s 3us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Titania) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x4038AB8, Vis=0x7995D48, Rec=0x6A9A6C0, Type=4
(380: 17.20s 3us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Oberon) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x40391A0, Vis=0x75A43C8, Rec=0x6C07418, Type=4
(381: 17.20s 22us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Neptune) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x4018B48, Vis=0x75A48F0, Rec=0x6D3A120, Type=4
(382: 17.20s 50us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Triton) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x4026008, Vis=0x1C27EA0, Rec=0x69BFFE8, Type=4
(383: 17.20s 3us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Proteus) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x40290C0, Vis=0x71A7658, Rec=0x6964FE8, Type=4
(384: 17.20s 3us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Nereid) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x40297A8, Vis=0x7B89008, Rec=0x69A0FE8, Type=4
(385: 17.20s 26us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Pluto) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x4020120, Vis=0x7B89388, Rec=0x5BCF990, Type=4
(386: 17.20s 20us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Charon) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x40209C0, Vis=0x7B89708, Rec=0x7D06FE8, Type=4
(387: 17.21s 3825us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x71A79D8 (Nix.dds) added in repository
(388: 17.21s 4107us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Nix) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x40224A0, Vis=0x75CB008, Rec=0x7CDBFE8, Type=4
(389: 17.22s 3967us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x757D8B0 (Hydra.dds) added in repository
(390: 17.22s 4621us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Hydra) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x401F008, Vis=0x75CB388, Rec=0x5F07968, Type=4
(391: 17.22s 7us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Sedna) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x401F6F0, Vis=0x75CB708, Rec=0x7A65FE8, Type=4
(392: 17.22s 4us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Eris) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x40212E0, Vis=0x7216910, Rec=0x5EEE8A0, Type=4
(393: 17.22s 4us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Dysnomia) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x4021B80, Vis=0x7216C90, Rec=0x5BB9788, Type=4
(394: 17.27s 4124us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x75CBA88 (1994_CC.dds) added in repository
(395: 17.28s 5988us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (1994 CC) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x40193E8, Vis=0x7216DF8, Rec=0x5DDF6C0, Type=4
(396: 17.29s 3578us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x77F8658 (S2009_136617_1.dds) added in repository
(397: 17.29s 3938us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (S2009 136617 1) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x4019C88, Vis=0x77F82D8, Rec=0x75CBB70, Type=4
(398: 17.30s 3450us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x70A9440 (S2009_136617_2.dds) added in repository
(399: 17.30s 3923us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (S2009 136617 2) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x401A5A8, Vis=0x77F87F8, Rec=0x5E71530, Type=4
(400: 17.30s 60us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Quaoar) hVessel=0x0, hObj=0x401AC90, Vis=0x70A9680, Rec=0x5EBCFE8, Type=4
(401: 17.30s 2us)(0xDB8) Vessel(0x401EE50) ProjectAlpha_ISS has 1 meshes
(402: 17.31s 5989us)(0xDB8) Mesh(0x419CAF8) Offset = (0, 0, 0)
(403: 17.31s 6043us)(0xDB8) Vessel(ISS) Vis=0x7CB0EC0 has no animations
(404: 17.31s 6059us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (ISS) hVessel=0x401EE50, hObj=0x4024810, Vis=0x7CB0EC0, Rec=0x5EA33C8, Type=10
(405: 17.31s 2us)(0xDB8) Vessel(0x4173FF0) Sigma_fairing_HLC has 1 meshes
(406: 17.31s 864us)(0xDB8) Mesh(0x419CAF8) Offset = (0, 0, 0)
(407: 17.31s 888us)(0xDB8) Vessel(Fairing1) Vis=0x7919D88 has no animations
(408: 17.31s 903us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Fairing1) hVessel=0x4173FF0, hObj=0x401C928, Vis=0x7919D88, Rec=0x1C35FE8, Type=10
(409: 17.31s 1us)(0xDB8) Vessel(0x401E560) Sigma_fairing_HLC has 1 meshes
(410: 17.31s 894us)(0xDB8) Mesh(0x419CAF8) Offset = (0, 0, 0)
(411: 17.31s 928us)(0xDB8) Vessel(Fairing2) Vis=0x7D310A8 has no animations
(412: 17.31s 943us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Fairing2) hVessel=0x401E560, hObj=0x401D730, Vis=0x7D310A8, Rec=0x5B36FE8, Type=10
(413: 17.31s 1us)(0xDB8) Vessel(0x4FD2A84) Sigma_HLC has 1 meshes
(414: 17.97s 27002us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x7D31480 (RLM_SolarPanels.dds) added in repository
(415: 18.02s 49936us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x7D315C0 (Isolation_White_logo1.dds) added in repository
(416: 18.07s 51282us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x7D31700 (Isolation_White.dds) added in repository
(417: 18.13s 58439us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x7D31840 (MLI.dds) added in repository
(418: 18.14s 72011us)(0xDB8) Mesh(0x419CAF8) Offset = (0, 0, 0)
(419: 18.14s 72082us)(0xDB8) Vessel(HCV-01) Vis=0x7D31340 has no animations
(420: 18.14s 72101us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (HCV-01) hVessel=0x4FD2A84, hObj=0x419A738, Vis=0x7D31340, Rec=0x5DB03A0, Type=10
(421: 18.14s 2us)(0xDB8) Vessel(0x4FD420C) Sigma_Stg2 has 1 meshes
(422: 18.49s 65495us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x7A8EBC0 (tankOrange2.dds) added in repository
(423: 18.50s 71598us)(0xDB8) Mesh(0x419CAF8) Offset = (0, 0, 0)
(424: 18.50s 71651us)(0xDB8) Vessel(Sigma-Stg2) Vis=0x7A8EA80 has no animations
(425: 18.50s 71667us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Sigma-Stg2) hVessel=0x4FD420C, hObj=0x419B620, Vis=0x7A8EA80, Rec=0x5A44FE8, Type=10
(426: 18.50s 2us)(0xDB8) Vessel(0x4FD4384) Sigma_Stg1 has 1 meshes
(427: 18.73s 9275us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x7A8FD40 (ssmec.dds) added in repository
(428: 18.76s 26269us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x7A8FE28 (Sigma1st_01.dds) added in repository
(429: 18.76s 31447us)(0xDB8) Mesh(0x419CAF8) Offset = (0, 0, 0)
(430: 18.76s 31498us)(0xDB8) Vessel(Sigma-Stg1) Vis=0x7A8FC00 has no animations
(431: 18.76s 31514us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Sigma-Stg1) hVessel=0x4FD4384, hObj=0x41D03F8, Vis=0x7A8FC00, Rec=0x67D0FE8, Type=10
(432: 18.76s 2us)(0xDB8) Vessel(0x3D8B814) Atlantis_SRB has 1 meshes
(433: 18.76s 96us)(0xDB8) Mesh(0x41996B0) Offset = (0, 0, 0)
(434: 18.76s 113us)(0xDB8) Vessel(Booster1) Vis=0x7E08CD0 has no animations
(435: 18.76s 127us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Booster1) hVessel=0x3D8B814, hObj=0x41D2480, Vis=0x7E08CD0, Rec=0x68A5FE8, Type=10
(436: 18.76s 1us)(0xDB8) Vessel(0x4015954) Atlantis_SRB has 1 meshes
(437: 18.76s 93us)(0xDB8) Mesh(0x41996B0) Offset = (0, 0, 0)
(438: 18.76s 110us)(0xDB8) Vessel(Booster2) Vis=0x78C6620 has no animations
(439: 18.76s 124us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Booster2) hVessel=0x4015954, hObj=0x41D4230, Vis=0x78C6620, Rec=0x6945F80, Type=10
(440: 18.76s 1us)(0xDB8) Vessel(0x41D3478) Sigma_Launchpad has 0 meshes
(441: 18.76s 15us)(0xDB8) Vessel(Launchpad) Vis=0x6F8B008 has no animations
(442: 18.76s 28us)(0xDB8) RegisteringVisual (Launchpad) hVessel=0x41D3478, hObj=0x41E5ED8, Vis=0x6F8B008, Rec=0x6889F08, Type=10
(443: 18.76s 44us)(0xDB8) =============== Loading Completed and Visuals Created ================
(444: 18.81s 4330us)(0xDB8) New Base Visual(0x1C82B20) hBase=0x363B1F0, nsbs=1, nsas=2
(445: 18.81s 1205us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x706D518 (Taxiway1.dds) added in repository
(446: 18.82s 6542us)(0xDB8) Texture 0x706D600 (Concrete.dds) added in repository
(447: 18.82s 7784us)(0xDB8) New Base Visual(0x706D390) hBase=0x3660E10, nsbs=2, nsas=1
(448: 25.36s 1us)(0xDB8) ================ clbkCloseSession ===============
(449: 25.36s 39us)(0xDB8) ================ Deleting Scene ===============
(450: 25.39s 26339us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x1BEBEB0
(451: 25.39s 26385us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x1C03918
(452: 25.39s 26401us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x1C07B78
(453: 25.39s 26416us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x1C0FFF0
(454: 25.39s 26431us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x6FAEA00 Removed from catalog
(455: 25.39s 26547us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x7E33840 Removed from catalog
(456: 25.39s 26695us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x7E33B78 Removed from catalog
(457: 25.39s 26764us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x1C307D0 Removed from catalog
(458: 25.39s 26919us)(0xDB8) Base visual deleted
(459: 25.39s 26936us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x706D6E8 Removed from catalog
(460: 25.39s 26962us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x706DB60 Removed from catalog
(461: 25.39s 26987us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x706DE98 Removed from catalog
(462: 25.39s 27016us)(0xDB8) Base visual deleted
(463: 25.47s 103362us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x1CB1FC0
(464: 25.49s 130737us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x79E8D78
(465: 25.49s 130783us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x713A990
(466: 25.49s 130799us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x1BE90D0 Removed from catalog
(467: 25.49s 130839us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x713ADB0
(468: 25.49s 130855us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x7556278 Removed from catalog
(469: 25.49s 130892us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x75563D0
(470: 25.49s 130908us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x7AB8008 Removed from catalog
(471: 25.49s 130977us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x7AB81B0
(472: 25.49s 130997us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x77A6008
(473: 25.49s 131013us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x7822718
(474: 25.49s 131027us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x7822C40
(475: 25.49s 131042us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x7B0C878
(476: 25.49s 131056us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x7B0CDA0
(477: 25.49s 131071us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x7A65D70
(478: 25.49s 131086us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x78746C8
(479: 25.49s 131102us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x79BE220
(480: 25.49s 131116us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x79BE5A0
(481: 25.49s 131132us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x723A008
(482: 25.49s 131146us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x723A388
(483: 25.49s 131162us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x757D008
(484: 25.49s 131176us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x757D530
(485: 25.49s 131190us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x1C1B5D0
(486: 25.49s 131205us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x1C1F7F8
(487: 25.49s 131220us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x1C1FD20
(488: 25.49s 131235us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x1C1FE88
(489: 25.49s 131250us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x7995D48
(490: 25.49s 131264us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x75A43C8
(491: 25.49s 131279us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x75A48F0
(492: 25.49s 131294us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x1C27EA0
(493: 25.49s 131311us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x71A7658
(494: 25.49s 131326us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x7B89008
(495: 25.49s 131387us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x7B89388
(496: 25.49s 131403us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x7B89708
(497: 25.49s 131418us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x75CB008
(498: 25.49s 131433us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x7874830 Removed from catalog
(499: 25.49s 131479us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x75CB388
(500: 25.49s 131494us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x7995EB0 Removed from catalog
(501: 25.49s 131531us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x75CB708
(502: 25.49s 131547us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x7216910
(503: 25.49s 131561us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x7216C90
(504: 25.49s 131576us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x7216DF8
(505: 25.49s 131590us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x77F8220 Removed from catalog
(506: 25.49s 131644us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x77F82D8
(507: 25.49s 131661us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x77F8740 Removed from catalog
(508: 25.49s 131706us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x77F87F8
(509: 25.49s 131723us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x70A9528 Removed from catalog
(510: 25.49s 131890us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x70A9680
(511: 25.49s 131908us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x7CB0EC0
(512: 25.49s 131922us)(0xDB8) Deleting Vessel Visual 0x7CB0EC0 ...
(513: 25.49s 131936us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x1C35E90 Removed from catalog
(514: 25.49s 132057us)(0xDB8) Vessel visual deleted succesfully
(515: 25.49s 132074us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x7919D88
(516: 25.49s 132088us)(0xDB8) Deleting Vessel Visual 0x7919D88 ...
(517: 25.49s 132102us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x7919EC8 Removed from catalog
(518: 25.49s 132150us)(0xDB8) Vessel visual deleted succesfully
(519: 25.49s 132170us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x7D310A8
(520: 25.49s 132183us)(0xDB8) Deleting Vessel Visual 0x7D310A8 ...
(521: 25.49s 132197us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x7D311E8 Removed from catalog
(522: 25.50s 132243us)(0xDB8) Vessel visual deleted succesfully
(523: 25.50s 132260us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x7D31340
(524: 25.50s 132273us)(0xDB8) Deleting Vessel Visual 0x7D31340 ...
(525: 25.50s 132287us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x7D31980 Removed from catalog
(526: 25.50s 132715us)(0xDB8) Vessel visual deleted succesfully
(527: 25.50s 132737us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x7A8EA80
(528: 25.50s 132752us)(0xDB8) Deleting Vessel Visual 0x7A8EA80 ...
(529: 25.50s 132767us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x7619008 Removed from catalog
(530: 25.50s 133044us)(0xDB8) Vessel visual deleted succesfully
(531: 25.50s 133064us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x7A8FC00
(532: 25.50s 133079us)(0xDB8) Deleting Vessel Visual 0x7A8FC00 ...
(533: 25.50s 133094us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x7A8FF10 Removed from catalog
(534: 25.50s 133365us)(0xDB8) Vessel visual deleted succesfully
(535: 25.50s 133386us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x7E08CD0
(536: 25.50s 133400us)(0xDB8) Deleting Vessel Visual 0x7E08CD0 ...
(537: 25.50s 133470us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x7E08E10 Removed from catalog
(538: 25.50s 133741us)(0xDB8) Vessel visual deleted succesfully
(539: 25.50s 133934us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x78C6620
(540: 25.50s 133951us)(0xDB8) Deleting Vessel Visual 0x78C6620 ...
(541: 25.50s 133969us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x78C6760 Removed from catalog
(542: 25.50s 134094us)(0xDB8) Vessel visual deleted succesfully
(543: 25.50s 134115us)(0xDB8) Deleting Visual 0x6F8B008
(544: 25.50s 134130us)(0xDB8) Deleting Vessel Visual 0x6F8B008 ...
(545: 25.50s 134145us)(0xDB8) Vessel visual deleted succesfully
(546: 25.50s 134175us)(0xDB8) ================ Deleting Mesh Manager ===============
(547: 25.50s 134191us)(0xDB8) Mesh 0x1BE92D0 Removed from catalog
(548: 25.50s 134249us)(0xDB8) MeshManager Deleted
(549: 25.50s 1us)(0xDB8) ================ clbkDestroyRenderWindow ===============
(550: 25.53s 29106us)(0xDB8)[ERROR] SketchPad Pens still in use 25
(551: 25.53s 29164us)(0xDB8)[ERROR] SketchPad Brushes still in use 6
(552: 25.53s 29180us)(0xDB8)[ERROR] SketchPad Fonts still in use 16
(553: 25.53s 29194us)(0xDB8) Clearing Font Cache... 11 Fonts are stored in the cache
(554: 25.53s 29775us)(0xDB8) ================ Clearing Texture Repository ===============
(555: 25.54s 42026us)(0xDB8) ================ Texture Repository Cleared ===============
(556: 25.54s 42815us)(0xDB8) ## MeshCatalog Cleared ##
(557: 25.58s 79109us)(0xDB8) D3D9Client destructor called
(558: 25.58s 79923us)(0xDB8) Deleting Framework
(559: 25.58s 80180us)(0xDB8) --------------ExitModule------------
(560: 25.58s 80447us)(0xDB8) Log Closed
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