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Exclamation Expert/Realistic XR2 to Venus and back in less than 200 days!
by dgatsoulis 02-06-2010, 11:14 PM

How's this for a new challenge?

-Load up an XR2Ravenstar with a CHM and a crew of two (the commander and the pilot.)

-Take off from an Earth base of your choice and dock either with Mir or the ISS, to refuel.

-After refuelling set a course for Venus.

-Once there, aerobrake and land ON the Shukra Venus Balloon Station, "a manned facility in the Earth region of the Venus atmosphere, maintained up there by aerostatic means."

-On the Shukra VBS: Refuel, take off into orbit and set a course for Earth.

-As always, land at the SAME base you took off from.

-Do all of the above in LESS than 200 days from take off!

You have to use only the expert/realistic settings in the XR2RavenstarPrefs config file. You will find one, attached to this post, with the "correct" settings. (make sure you backup the one you're using if you want to keep it.)

In order to be able to refuel on the Shukra VBS, add this in the Shukra.cfg file, which is in the /config/vessels directory

; === Docking ports ===
0.00 3.00 -33.00 0 0 1 0 1 0 544

That places a docking port right in the middle of the runway. Make sure that you have the wheel brakes pressed when you undock though, otherwise you'll be thrown off the base.

You'll also find attached to this post a scenario file where everything is set-up and you're (almost) ready to go. For it to work properly, you'll need:

XR2 Ravenstar 1.0
(Shukra station)
Wideawake International
(Wideawake International)

Many thanks to Douglas E. Beachy, Artlav and wehaveaproblem for these wonderful add-ons.

Hope you'll find this challenge interesting.

Last edited by dgatsoulis; 10-19-2012 at 08:01 PM.
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