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Backyard Rocketry Model, Amatuer, Experimental, and High Power Rocketry. Vehicle and Motor/Engine Design, Physics and Math, Fabrication, Flights, Testing and Evaluation. Share your rocket projects here!

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Thunder Chicken
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The biggest plus I see with an airdrop system is the potential to fly around weather. How many weather delays have occurred at KSC that were caused by a weather cell moving through the area precisely during the launch window? Simply being able to fly around the cell would remove those violations.

Aircraft would also remove the requirement of a roll program to attain proper azimuth, but I suspect that is a rather small savings.

Crazy idea, but instead of an entire separate lifting aircraft mothership, one could have the rocket as the fuselage of the "aircraft", and then add a jettisonable wing/fuel/jet engine package. The astronauts fly the "aircraft" with the jet engines, then drop away from the package and fire the main engine and head away. If designed correctly the package could be fly back and be recovered autonomously.
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Old 12-21-2018, 06:05 PM   #17
An orbiter

I seriously believe that the SS 520 and smaller, as well as mine and your DIY rocket candy space rocket could benefit greatly from air launch.
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Not quite the airdrop, or the mothership design. Would be interesting to do in Orbiter though?



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