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Addons A repository for Orbiter addons contributed by users. Developers & members may announce new releases here and discuss any Orbiter addon.

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Old 01-31-2020, 05:23 PM   #121
Enthusiast !
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Yes, Orbiter 2016 bases and markers are off. All of them I think Or at least not precise enough.

Nowadays we have much better precision, since the landers were located using LROC imagery. Here's the link again: http://lroc.sese.asu.edu/posts/938
Apollo 11's LM is at +23.47314 +0.67416

So yes again, you need to update landed objects to reflect this...

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Old 02-10-2020, 08:34 AM   #122
Joseph Borg
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So cool. Thanks guys.
Are there any attempts to do ‘Artemis’ missions following the steps of Apollo ?
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Old 02-10-2020, 11:20 AM   #123

This is a great addon! Thanks
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Old 02-10-2020, 11:30 AM   #124
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Is it me or loading the new landing sites overwrite the Apollo sites ?
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Old 03-06-2020, 07:08 AM   #125

Working brilliantly in Orbiter 2016 and Mac.

Thank you Captain Alain.
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Old 03-27-2020, 07:57 PM   #126
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Some improvements I would suggest would be adding a 20% thrust loss failure for Apollo 13 at T+5 minutes and 30 seconds to simulate the early center engine shutdown, and making it so that jettisoning the service module and LM in an Apollo 13 type scenario would not count as an aborted flight condition since that silences any soundpack you have installed for Apollo 13.

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I just tried climbing Cone Crater and it becomes impossible once you get to the final climb, since the slope reaches ~15 degrees and the AMSO astronauts simply cannot handle it. They end up jumping in place and not making any more progress.
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