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Default How to use the LUA autopilot for Atlantis
by mojoey 02-09-2012, 07:19 PM

Ok, most of you already know how to do this, but some do not. This Tutorial will explain how to use 'TerminalMFD' to launch the stock shuttle.

at the orbiter launchpad, go to modules and enable 'LUA MFD' then launch the scenario 'Launch Into Sunrise'

How To

Step One
On the left MFD select TerminalMFD

Step Two
On the right MFD select OrbitMFD

Step Three
Click on 'INP' on TerminalMFD

Step Four
type in: run ('Atlantis/Launch') then hit enter

Now, you can hit INP again and type launch() and launch to a 300Km orbit at 90 degrees, but you can change those variables. Im going to show you how to launch to a 70 degree 270Km orbit. Please note, we will disable the OMS-2 burn, as you can do that yourself. The number 270Km is the target Apogee, the orbit will not be circularized.

Step Five
Hit INP and type: orbit_alt=270e3 then enter

Step Six
Hit INP and type: azimuth=70*RAD then enter

Step Seven
Hit INP and type: do_oms2=false

Now, here's the final autopilot input should look like


Now once you are ready to launch, simply type: launch() then enjoy the view to orbit.

This is important to note, I have NOT tested this with Shuttle Fleet, so results may be unexpected, or the autopilot may not work at all.
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Default Im a noob.

I can' find the INP button. Help?
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Post Re: How to use the LUA autopilot for Atlantis

TheNoob1387, are you from Orbiter 2016? The Atlantis\launch.lua script does not work correctly with the 2016 stock Atlantis.
See also: atlantis/launch lua problem
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