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Old 07-19-2018, 02:11 PM   #76
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Originally Posted by markp View Post
 I think I understand the equations and worksheets now, thanks.

I am now thinking how best to operate the airship.

So I understand that if for some reason ballast is dropped, e.g. cargo is released, from the airship then it would rise, obviously. What I'm not clear on is would the airship have to vent (or maybe compress) gas so it doesn't rise up beyond its pressure altitude or could it adjust its ballonet volume?
Or it could use it's propulsor, COM shift, and elevator to control altitude. That's why I had you make the propulsor swivel 180 degrees .

The primary job of the ballonet (as I understand it) is to maintain a constant gauge pressure in the envelope. I guess that you have the option of inflating the ballonet more, if the envelope can handle a higher pressure. That would depend on the airship design, I guess. Probably there would be a safety margin to work with between optimal pressure and bursting.

I would say that venting should be considered a last resort to keep from damaging the envelope in cases where you have already exceeded the pressure ceiling. At least modern helium designs seem to be that way. In the old days of cheap hydrogen, they may not have minded venting so much. I'm not sure, because venting can give you problems when you try to come back down.
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Well, the Germans vented a lot of hydrogen for keeping the airship level, they only reduced this near thunderstorms. On the other hand, this improved safety also a lot, since it reduced the contamination of the hydrogen with air.

Of course, Helium is too expensive for this kind of procedures.
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Old 07-20-2018, 07:23 AM   #78

Originally Posted by boogabooga View Post
 Or it could use it's propulsor, COM shift, and elevator to control altitude. That's why I had you make the propulsor swivel 180 degrees .

ok good to know there's a method in the madness!
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Old 08-10-2018, 09:07 PM   #79


I have been working on some operational aspects for the airship. These have been 1) Landing gear and 2) Collecting and delivering cargo.

1. Landing gear

For this I experimented with adding wheels to the gondola. I also came up with a few ideas such as deploying some kind of rigid structure from the nose. In the end I simply added an animation to rotate the wings so the tips ended up a bit forward of the centre and level with the lower back fins. Not sure the wings and fins would be strong enough to support the airship in reality but it looks good ...

Image of wings rotated for landing
Click image for larger version

Name:	Landing_wings.jpg
Views:	6
Size:	76.0 KB
ID:	15994

Another perspective of the rotated wings
Click image for larger version

Name:	Landing_wings2.jpg
Views:	4
Size:	100.9 KB
ID:	15995

2. Collecting and delivering cargo

An autopilot has been added so the airship positions itself over the cargo. The pilot can then decrease the altitude until the airship docks with the cargo. A marker can be used by the airship's autopilot to deliver cargo to a precise location where it can then be deposited on the surface by the pilot. The building used in the addon and featured in the images below now automatically fixes itself to the surface so it doesn't slide about as it previously did.

In the image below the cargo, a building, has been collected from a landing pad and is now being delivered to a location occupied by a marker called "foundation1"
Click image for larger version

Name:	Collected_building.jpg
Views:	7
Size:	96.6 KB
ID:	15996

The cargo is positioned over the marker.
Click image for larger version

Name:	Deliver_building.jpg
Views:	9
Size:	82.7 KB
ID:	15997

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