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Old 07-11-2017, 10:07 AM   #76
Addon Developer


Hi guys, a small update:

I finally, after some big efforts, managed to get the groundtracks properly plotted in the map tab. I added the options of drawing or not groundtracks and horizon line.

On top of that I added the possibility to choose among 3 themes:
terrain map:

black and white map:

and my favourite, dark map:

hope you'll like this, cheers

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Old 07-14-2017, 09:10 AM   #77
Addon Developer


Small Update:
- SDK is ready and working. (and documented!)

what's still missing:
- solve some issues with sending pictures
- settings Tab in dialog
- commands sender and parser (for predefined commands)
- MFD (it will be a simple MFD, but it's better to have it, many users will prefer to use it for the vessel part of comms)

work in progress!
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Old 07-18-2017, 11:46 PM   #78
Addon Developer


ok, so here's a pre-pre-pre-pre alpha version of the space network...

there is no documentation about how does it work yet, but I strongly believe it will be easy for expert users, since most of it is self explaining, just remember to activate the module in the launch pad and to open the dialog through the functions options of the in sim menu.

The SDK with relevant documentation is also included, of course it may and it will change, but I decided to let it go public as it is now, just to see if it's completely impossible to understand, or if it's on the right path.

Still to do:
- commands sender and parser
- MFD (there is only the dialog now)

Let me know if you have comments, but please keep in mind this is a preliminary version.

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Old 07-19-2017, 06:42 PM   #79
Addon Developer


Commands sender and parser done.

It will work like this:

ground (or any other vessel) will send a formatted message and the vessels who will receive it (channels can be used in case of many vessels in the sim) will execute the relevant commands.

commands available:
- Defap = default autopilots, so killrot, prograde, retrograde etc
- Engine = main engine level
- SendKeyBuffered = make vessels simulate a keypress
- Absolute Attitude = point the vessels in a certain direction in ecliptic frame
- Target Pointing = point the vessel towards an object in the sim
- Pitch Roll Heading = orient the vessel with the relevant pitch, roll and heading

format of the commands with some examples:
cmd: BeginningMJD Duration[secs] command_tag prm1[number] prm2[number] prm3[number] prm4[letters] 

cmd: 52020.9877 100 defap 3    

starting at 52020.9877 mjd, for 100 seconds the prograde autopilot will be engaged

cmd: 52020.9877 60 tgt 0 0 0 Earth

starting from mjd 52020.9877 for 60 seconds the vessel will turn and point towards Earth

cmd: 52020.9877 150 Engine 0.5

starting from mjd 52020.9877 for 150 seconds the Main engine will be fired at 50% power

cmd: 52020.9877 200 prh 15 0 270

starting from mjd 52020.9877 fpr 200 seconds the vessel will turn to have pitch = 15 degress, roll = 0 and heading = 270
I also added a tab in the dialog to monitor the various commands, and since messages can be loaded in sim from txt files there will be the possibility to store and reuse a series of commands.

I'll update the release as soon as i can,

now the MFD is missing and we will be close to the finish.
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