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Old 11-03-2019, 03:39 PM   #1
Default Controlling ship during playback ?


I would like to launch 2 XR-2 from Earth simultaneously (I need to couple them together afterwards so a simultaneous launch is the quickest, and coolest option) but I obviously can't control both at the same time, constantly switching from one to the other to adjust the ascent trajectory would be a pain and lead to rookie mistakes.

So I thought about those pre-recorded tutorials where you just sit back and watch the ship fly "on its own" while you read the instructions.
Is there a way to control another ship during the playback ?
So I could record my first launch, then load it and launch the second one while the first one is flying my recorded ascent at the same time, is such a thing possible ?
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Old 11-04-2019, 02:03 PM   #2
Addon Developer

Hello and welcome to OF
Yes, I'm pretty sure you can do this.

Set up your launch scenario with the two XR2's.
Start the Flight Recorder (I think that's Ctrl+C).
Fly your takeoff with the first XR2 up to orbit (or wherever you can resume manual control over both vessels), leaving the other XR2 on the ground.
Stop the Flight Recorder (Ctrl+C again) and exit sim.

The scenario will be saved in the /Scenarios/Playback folder, starting at the point you where you started the Flight Recorder.
Open the scenario file (use any text editor e.g. Notepad) and remove the line
from the XR2 that you want to fly manually (the XR2 you left on the ground).

If you now load the playback scenario, the first XR2 should begin it's pre-recorded ascent, while you manually control the other one. When pre-recorded flight data ends, vessel will revert to manual control.

Hope this helps.
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Works great, thank you very much !
Exactly what I was looking to do.
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