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Meets & Greets New to Orbiter or just new to this board? Say hello and introduce yourself to the community here! Feel free to also post birthday or holiday greetings here.

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Old 08-08-2019, 08:08 PM   #1
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Default Back to OF!

Hello all!

I'm back to OF after a looong time; undergrad was a wonderful, but busy time. I'm off to get my PhD here now, starting in the next few weeks, so may not be able to contribute or participate that much, especially in then next few months. I still wanted to hop back on to say hi!

What's the cool stuff that's happened over the last few years? Back four years ago, Orbiter 2016 was still a beta, IMS2.0 crawling along, I remember there was some murmuring about redoing parts of OrbitHangar.

On addon development, again I probably won't be particularly active again the next few years (I don't currently have a Windows dev environment setup, but should spin one up. Linux and recently WSL has been wonderful ). I do have a few cool ideas, one salvaged from my idea from CatchCTD:
  • Eevee realtime render client. Blender has a really cool, supposedly realtime OpenGL-based renderer with support for volumetric shaders, advanced reflections and refraction, etc. Quite frankly,

    It's all open source so could theoretically turned into a Orbiter client. It would be pretty hard to integrate, but would be incredible. If you use the more realistic shader settings, materials for models would need auxiliary properties (like anisotropy for metal-like stuff) not currently included in texture definitions.
  • "Package manager"/virtualenv for Orbiter
    I know that my Orbiter directory used to be filled with at least four different versions, with different combinations of addons. Making a system that perhaps downloads addons to a central location, then allows you to create different Orbiter environments, pulling from the local addon repo would be cool. For managing dependencies, if there was some way to mark versions with SymVer and a package file, you could make sure that things stay updated and there aren't inconsistent versions of addons required.
  • Addon sandbox
    This is coming out of my work on CatchCTD, which would have to be finished. The idea would be to basically do the hooking on addon load. I was thinking about extending this to loading each addon into it's own memory pages, and enforce page permissions so cross-addon memory corruption could be detected and stuff like that. CatchCTD was inspired by my annoying bughunts into what things are incompatible with other things, who's memory my addon was stomping on and where, etc so this would mostly be a detection mechanism, more helpful on the dev side.
  • Helping with IMS2.0 again haha (hi jedidia )

Cheers everyone! Glad to be back to say hi

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Samuel Edwards
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back to the forum, dude. Good to hear about your academics, and I wish you luck in this new pursuit!
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Tutorial translator
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Welcome back!
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Beta Tester


Welcome home !!
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