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Orbiter Beta Topics related to Beta releases of Orbiter and Orbiter development.

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Old 12-05-2017, 12:27 PM   #466

gravity gradient damping is enabled, but that's not the issue here,
unit_test.lua stops as soon as it reached "proc.wait_sysdt(0.5)" in "function pass()".
I could work around this by just removing that proc.wait_sysdt()-call,
but as soon as the test comes to "wheels-down & wait 7 seconds",...that work-around was not an option anymore

I'll have to check a pristine version to be absolutely sure!
...I am pretty sure somewhere on my Drive I have something like that

---------- Post added at 19:46 ---------- Previous post was at 17:18 ----------

I've checked again and sure enough a pristine version worked
Pristine version always helps

I assume the issue originated from incompatibilities with some LIBs/DLLs I had installed to use this Lua Debugger.

---------- Post added 05-12-17 at 12:27 ---------- Previous post was 04-12-17 at 19:46 ----------

Hi Martin,

I've ported my changes based on rev. 73 of Orbiter BETA and uploaded it to the first post of the Orbiter BETA Lua development thread (LuaScript 2017-12-05.zip).
This hopefully helps.

Note, that the added functions do not contain any documentation (yet), as I am not 100% familiar with the ldoc syntax.
I'll add documentations as soon as I find the time.
Specifically I have not yet learned how to document "multiple" possible return values...

Maybe you could write as an example how the documentation for Interpreter::v_get_status should be, so that it looks O.K.

Here's my dumb approach:
PHP Code:
Returns the vessel's current status parameters in either a VESSELSTATUS structure or in a
VESSELSTATUSx structure (version x >= 2).

The first parameter can be used to distinguish between these two:
- 1: Return "version 1" table
- 2: Return "version 2" table (default if no parameter is given)

A VESSELSTATUS2 table contains the following key value pairs:
- "version" (number) // always 2
- "flag" (number)
- "rbody" (OBJHANDLE)
- "base" (OBJHANDLE)
- "port" (number)
- "status" (number)
- "rpos" (vector)
- "rvel" (vector)
- "vrot" (vector)
- "arot" (vector)
- "surf_lng" (number)
- "surf_lat" (number)
- "surf_hdg" (number)
- "fuel" (list of tables) each containing a "idx" (number) and a "level" (number) member
- "thruster" (list of tables) each containing a "idx" (number) and a "level"(number) member
- "dockinfo" (list of tables) each containing a "idx" (number), "ridx" (number) and a "rvessel" (OBJHANDLE) member
- "xpdr" (number)

A VESSELSTATUS table contains the following key value pairs:
- "rpos" (vector)
- "rvel" (vector)
- "vrot" (vector)
- "arot" (vector)
- "fuel" (number)
- "eng_main" (number)
- "eng_hovr" (number)
- "rbody" (OBJHANDLE)
- "base" (OBJHANDLE)
- "port" (number)
- "status" (number)
- "vdata" (vector) // fields [1]...[9] from C-API are ignored
- "fdata" number)  //   "     "     "   "      "   "     "
- "flag" (number)  //   "     "     "   "      "   "     "

    v = vessel.get_focusinterface()
    v:get_status()  -- returns a VESSELSTATUS2 table
    v:get_status(1) -- returns a VESSELSTATUS table
    v:get_status(2) -- returns a VESSELSTATUS2 table

@function get_status
@see defset_status
int Interpreter::v_get_status (lua_State *L)
Thanks in advance,

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Old 12-06-2017, 02:49 PM   #467
Addon Developer
Abloheet's Avatar

Won't the thread title get updated to r73?
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Old 12-06-2017, 08:38 PM   #468
Orbiter Founder

Originally Posted by Abloheet View Post
 Won't the thread title get updated to r73?
Yes, thanks for reminding me.
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Old 12-08-2017, 12:48 PM   #469
Addon Developer
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Due to this issue I'm forced to use oapiEditMeshGroup() for animations (yes, I can tell it's very expensive), but performance aside, this introduces another "issue": when the original position of an animated group is outside of the screen, it disappears, even though it is very much in view...
Any chance one of these things gets fixed?
(didn't try MeshgroupTransform() as it only works in MOGE)
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Old 12-08-2017, 05:36 PM   #470
Aspiring Addon Developer
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Hey Guys.

I'm coming in very late with this, but every revision after 65 (25/11/16) ctd on me at scenario startup.

Do I need to update VC Redistributable maybe ?

I have "Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013" at present.

Orbiter log tells (me) nothing....
PHP Code:
**** Orbiter.log
Build Aug 27 2017 [v.170827]
000000.000Timer precision4.27634e-007 sec
Found 0 joystick(s)
000000.000Devices enumerated6
Devices accepted5
: [ ] RGB Emulation (SW)
000000.000: [ ] Direct3D HAL (HW)
000000.000: [xDirect3D T&L HAL (HW)
000000.000: [ ] Direct3D HAL (Intel(RHD Graphics 4000) (HW)
000000.000: [xDirect3D T&L HAL (Intel(RHD Graphics 4000) (HW)
000000.000Module AtlantisConfig.dll .... [Build 170827API 170827]
000000.000Module AtmConfig.dll ......... [Build 170827API 170827]
000000.000Module DGConfigurator.dll .... [Build 170827API 170827
Thanks for any help
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