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Orbiter Beta Topics related to Beta releases of Orbiter and Orbiter development.

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Old 02-21-2019, 07:51 PM   #571

Originally Posted by martins View Post
 Good to know, given that I have rearranged my entire build setup underneath it. I didn't advertise this commit since it doesn't have much front-end changes (except the fix for the embarrassing matrix-vector bug

Let me know if anything comes up.
I am trying to adopt D3D9Client, but I am not sure what .props-file I should use instead of the former orbiter.props.
The most luck I have when I use "VS2015\PropertyPages\orbiter_plugin.props",
but still at link-time a giant mess comes up ...still working on that.

Could you explain the new structure of you property sheets?
a) was it reasonable to switch from "resources\Orbiter.props" to "VS2015\PropertyPages\orbiter_plugin.props" ?
b) Should we only take the .props-files from the PropertyPages directory?

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Debug-Build: Works with just changing to "VS2015\PropertyPages\orbiter_plugin.props"
Release-Build: Still fails linking (I think a standard library is missing...)
...hold the line...

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2nd update:
The inherited value of %(IgnoreSpecificDefaultLibraries) made the release-build fail.
So when the build configuration doesn't inherit Link->IgnoreSpecificDefaultLibraries (rendering it's value empty on RELEASE) it works.

Ah... and by the way: it seems that all the macros like $(SDKLibDir) have been split into two versions: $(SrcSdkLibDir) and $(BuildSdkLibDir), right?
From a quick look at them they are all the same for us (non-orbiter-core-)developers, right? So it's up to us whether we choose one or the other?

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