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Arrow RV Orientation v3.5 for Orbiter 2016
by OrbitHangar 08-11-2018, 02:58 PM

Author: adswnj

Rendezvous Orientation V3.05

This is a rendezvous MFD and HUD utility, to enhance the accuracy and precision of your docking maneuvers and to give you a multi-waypoint approach maintaining separation from your target vessel.

Make sure you install HUDDrawer SDK v0.4 or later. If you want to use the HUD with the XR vessels, make sure you have XR1 1.14+, XR2 1.12+, and XR5 1.9+. 

Here's a summary of the key features:

  • Head-Up Display enhancing the standard Docking HUD
  • Fuzzy-logic autopilot
  • Multiple guidance modes
  • Spherical waypoint system for safe approach
  • Digital outputs to allow you to fly a precise approach
  • Autopilot self-calibration system
V 3.01 update:
·         Fixed CTD from hitting PRT with no TGT selected.
V 3.02 update:
·         Collect target from launchMFD
V 3.03 update:
·         Support Orion MPCV
V 3.04 update:
·      Update for ModuleMeaagingExt (dropping old ModMsg dependency)
V3.05 update:
·      First full Orbiter 2016 support

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Old 08-11-2018, 03:11 PM   #2
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At long last, here's the official release of Rendezvous Orientation for Orbiter 2016.

If you ever wanted the ultimate docking control MFD, then this is for you. This MFD calculates and displays a docking corridor to your chosen target and port, either by the numbers on the MFD, or by the HUD, presenting the data graphically as a docking corridor, and/or with the required maneuvers.

This MFD features three autopilots: a rotation AP to keep your rotation correct with respect to the port, a translation AP to keep your vessel in the docking corridor (up down left right), and a fullly automated AP to control the whole docking procedure into the port. (Note: you have to open your docking port, and I'll do the rest). It's good to 10X warp, if you want to see how it flies the pattern.

The AP implements a safety corridor concept. You set the min range for the approach (e.g. 500 meters), and it implements a safe sphere at that range around your target. If you are not aligned to the port, and inside the safety distance, the AP will back you off to the min range. It then uses "spherical waypoints" to plot a course around the safety sphere to get to the entry point at 0 lat / 0 long relative to the port, and only then will it allow you to enter the safety range. As you approach the port, the corridor gets tighter - i.e. if you are drifting off the corridor inside the safety range, the AP will halt the approach and take corrective action.

This version REQUIRES you to install HUDDrawer SDK 0.4 or higher (Enjo's fabulous code), to interface with the vessel's HUD drawing. If you get any errors about VesselHoolking.dll missing, you have missed this step.

The HUD drawing is compatible with any vessel inherited from VESSEL4, which includes all the stock vessels, as well as the latest versions of the XR-series. If your vessel does NOT draw the HUD, then the vessel designer needs to release an updated version inheriting from VESSEL4. (Talk to dbeachy1 if you need help).

No need to update the original RV Orientation as this is working just fine for Orbiter 2010.
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