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Addon Developer

Originally Posted by francisdrake View Post
 The vessel seems more stable with the fins swept back. I see a change in the acceleration between extended / retracted which I assume is done by changing the wing area?

Unfortunately Orbiter seems to allow only horizontal and vertical wings, defined by LIFT_VERTICAL and LIFT_HORIZONTAL. I would add vertical fin(s) with the area of the main fins x sine of the sweep angle. If you keep their lift function low, there should be no crazy spinning.

Could the fins being used during reentry? Well, 'normal' lifting bodies like ESA's Space Rider use body flaps to trim the AoA during reentry. So I would assume a slight deviation from the swept-back orientation would be ok to assist the RCS.
By the way, I guess the swept-back angle is more than 45°, maybe like 70° for the initial reentry phase, to keep the forces on the fins low.
Yes, what I have so far is a vertical and a horizontal aerofoil for the Hull 450m^2 each, two Canard aerofoils 18m^2 each, two Wing aerofoils 54m^2 each. The Canard and Wings are scaled by cos(deflection) angle.
There is now also a "vertical" aerofoil for the wings,scaled by sin(deflection). This adds a bit more yaw/roll stability.

I moved the hull CoP up and back a tiny bit, which gives an AoA of ~58deg. And you can trim that up or down by setting a small deflection in the wings for extra or less drag.

Default fin deflection is 60deg in Reentry mode.
Aerofoil steering in Reentry mode now possible.

Originally Posted by francisdrake View Post
 A note on future versions: The hinges on the current SpaceX Starship look makeshift. I doubt they will be the same on the final production versions. They might either be more blended-in into the body, or the body will get a sharp edge just below the hinges to force airflow separation.
Yes, the Mk.1 is obviously not designed to go much above 20km!
I'm just distracting myself thinking about doing reentries with it, I know :-)

Added throttle control to the Anti-groundspeed attitude function - so now it's a "Flip'n'Land" function - use from 4km to 2km alt. depending on vertical speed. No targeting though.

Also added BocaChica base (very simple) and a couple of scenarios including a recorded REPLAY of my best landing at BocaChica.

If you're doing any flights from Texas, I can recomend grabbing the Hi-Res Earth textures for the BocaChica area here:

Anyway, here's the latest beta .zip

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