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MFD Questions & Help Post your questions here for help with the Multi-Function Displays.

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Old 08-13-2016, 02:45 PM   #1
Default RPOP

Am using Shuttle Fleet 4.8 R2. When approaching either Mir or the ISS, RPOP is not showing anything besides what my current target is and what reference I am using, whether Center of Gravity or Docking Port. I can dock with the station, I can be floating around .02m from the station and still nothing shows up. Just the grid lines, the little xz grid reference in the upper left side of the display, the grid distance on bottom, and the target and reference at the top. No other data. Its not a big deal as I can still dock using docking mfd . I am just curious as I'd like to learn the more realistic shuttle docking procedure using the rpop MFD. I can't seem to find a different version of the MFD on the forum or in the hangar... As popular as Shuttle Fleet seems to be you'd think it would be easier to find but every search I put in turns up no result. (Perhaps I'm not typing something in correctly or the download uses a different name besides rpop??) Any who... If I can't find a rollback download or updated download is there a way to make the current rpop I have work (using whatever version that came with the Shuttle Fleet 4.8 package) or am I missing a step perhaps?

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Did you initialize the MFD by pressing the INIT button?

There is a very well done manual that comes with the addon (as always with David413 addons). Everything you need to make proper use of RPOP MFD is there.
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