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Addons A repository for Orbiter addons contributed by users. Developers & members may announce new releases here and discuss any Orbiter addon.

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Originally Posted by Marijn View Post
 Ok, so that's something to be aware of as well. Thanks. I noticed that activating the D3D9 clients results in some minor changes in orbiter_ng.cfg.

Yes, by Orbiter. It saves its configuration there.
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A little demonstration of my attempt to iron most of the inconveniences out. This video shows how to create a new Orbiter installation from scratch and have the add-on's managed by JSGME. I did clean up some of the add-on's file and folder structures. I deleted readme.txt files in the root folder, deleted thumbnails and other non-essential files and renamed the documentation folders so everything goes into /DOC and I made some add-on's myself to apply my personal configurations for Orbiter, D3D9, XRSound and IMFD. In just over six minutes, Orbiter is unzipped, modded, configured and unmodded back to Orbiter's initial state. Orbiter_ng.exe is only launched once.

Before taking the snapshot, I had to create a Sound folder in the root. That's unfortunate, but many add-ons will put files there.
MyChanges sets Parameters, Visual Effects, Debugging and Performance settings to Orbiter. Then the D3D9Client is installed, configured for either 16:10 or 16:9 (for YouTube recordings) and modded so it will not show Replay and Recording when replaying or recording at the bottom of the screen. Then XRSound is installed and set to my preferences (no music in external view). Then the other add-on's are installed. IMFD is set to my preferences as well (note the MJD default instead of GET).

Changes to files like Sol.cfg and Earth.cfg need to be done manually. And for the hi-res textures I will keep on using symlinks untill I have a better solution. Hope you like it. I will try OvGME now.
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Ok. I found a real nice solution for installing the hi-res texture packs which I think is worth sharing. It will work with the JSGME application and any other mod manager I think, but it can be used as a stand-alone solution as well. And it's just a normal Orbiter mod.

It allows to activate and deactivate individual hi-res texture packs for one or more Orbiter installations. Since no files are actually copied or moved, the 32-bit nature of JSGME is not a problem anymore. That's the beauty of it. And it's really quick.

Have a look at the video. Note the available free space on my harddrive before and after installing the hi-res textures. There is no difference at any time. (edit: 28,6Gb. Video starts blurred)

For Mars, it is required to modify the Config\Mars.cfg file. That's done as well. After deactivating the texture packs, the original Orbiter textures are restored. The label files remain as any other file would generated by an add-on.

Edit: video

The location of the hi-res textures can be anywhere. I keep 'em as below. There are no subfolders within these folders, just the texture files.
D:\Orbiter\High-resolution texture packs\Earth
D:\Orbiter\High-resolution texture packs\Mars
D:\Orbiter\High-resolution texture packs\Moon

Then for each of these texture packs, I've created a separate add-on which creates the symlinks to the real hi-res files in the Archive folders of the Orbiter installation by double-clicking a bat file. That file deletes itself after it is finished.

The trick was to create a mod structure with 0kb dummy texture files in the Textures\Planet\Archive folders. By activating the mod, the original textures are overwritten by these dummies and therefore backupped by JSGME. After this step, the dummies are deleted so the symlinks can take their place. Hope you like it.

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