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Old 04-09-2017, 11:30 AM   #1
Default Crashing when changing ships

New computer, Now Orbiter!
Recently downloaded Orbiter 2016 and it's mostly fantastic, but...
The program crashes when I change ships. This only seems to be a problem with the Delta Glider IV or UMMU.
Also the "Earth normal assent Auto Pilot (program 903) doesn't rotate the Delta Glider off the runway. The plane just keeps rolling until the landing gear fails and I crash.
Hover assent (Program 904) works fine, but I prefer the normal assent which I think is more realistic.
The UMMU crew doesn't work well. If I eject the crew all die and no parachutes deploy.
Do I need change my settings?
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Old 04-09-2017, 11:58 AM   #2

DGIV,UMMU,UCGO etc are not upated to latest Orbiter2016 API.
I.e. the DGIV has no idea about surface(radio)-altitude, it just "sees" sea-level-alt.
So to use Programm 903, you need to launch manually and engage OPS903 as soon as you are off the runway.

If you are in internal view-mode and switch to an UMMU, Orbiter2016 will crash...that's well known.
If you really want to play around wih UMMUs, you can only use them in external view and in open space (where no ground-altitude conflict exists).
So you need to switch to external view BEFORE switching to an UMMU.

Another side-effect, which you might encounter while using the DGIV:
If trying to land at Brighton Beach, you might crash the DGIV as soon as the DGIV is below sea-level altitude (Brighton Beach is far below sea-level altitude).

In short words...for now, it seems to be better to use the XR-vessles or the stock DG instead of the DGIV.
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An updated version will be out on Tuesday.
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...in July of 2027.
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As a side not, just to point out a sort of a weird coļncidence.

Wasn't there the same issue with the DGIII in Orbiter 2006. Something about switching to the MMUs after EVA caused it to crash, and you had to re-open orbiter.
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