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Old 10-22-2017, 12:01 PM   #16
Addon Developer

Uploaded the slightly updated vers. 04 here and on OrbitHangar.
Translation RCS now does no more lead to unwanted rotation.
Solar panels added [S]. Chose the darker belly texture for more contrast.

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Old 10-23-2017, 02:05 AM   #17
Default L key on Launchpad

Just a minor thing.
If you hit the L key on the launchpad, the rocket falls down below the pad.
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Old 10-23-2017, 04:43 PM   #18
Addon Developer

That's a good one! Thanks for reporting.
Indeed I had major problems with setting up the launch scenario. The rocket was always toppled over, looking invclined into the ground. No matter if new or old touchdown points.

In the end I copied the values from the default Atlantis launch scenario. If someone could give me a tip how to properly set up a scenario with a launch heading due east (90) I would be happy!
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Old 10-23-2017, 07:35 PM   #19
Drive Technician
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The booster and the spaceship are not able to stand at the surface. After short thrust at launch pad the booster falls down into the surface mesh. The spaceship is looking invclined into the ground, it has even no effect when i use scenario editor to set the ship to a planet.
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Old 10-23-2017, 08:15 PM   #20
Addon Developer

Yes, sorry for that, I don't know how to improve that.
Below are the touchdown points of the booster. 3 at the rear end (z = -60, one in the nose). Tried it this way or the other way around (sequence inverted to indicate a different normal vector). For now: Don't test fire the engines, just launch, when it is time.

static const DWORD ntd1 = 4;
static TOUCHDOWNVTX td1[ntd1] = {
    { _V(0, 10, -60), 2e6, 1e5, 3.2, 0.8 },
    { _V(5,-5, -60), 2e6, 1e5, 3.2, 0.4 },
    { _V(-5,-5, -60), 2e6, 1e5, 3.2, 0.4 },
    { _V( 0, 0,  60), 2e6, 1e5, 3.2, 0.4 }
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Old 10-31-2017, 03:15 PM   #21
Drive Technician
Axel's Avatar

Ok maybe we can solve this problem in the future or we wait for another orbiter version with another ground detection system.
Another thing is, you wrote that for the Airfoils "a debug string is displayed". But i can not see the debug string when i press "A". But the aerodynamic is different when i press "A", that works. Standard config seems to be "airfoils on" at scenario start.
But the next thing are the aerodynamics itself of the ship, i find like the other orbinauts, its veeery veeeery hard to fly the ship in the atmosphere. But it is technicly a delta winged vessel, like the space shuttle, maybe a little bit smaller wings in relation to the hull, but longer and less empty weight. But the space shuttle is like a "beginner-plane", when i fly it after your BFR-addon.
Im not a beginner, i fly in orbiter since 2006! Its nearly impossible to fly a curve (around a airport) without wild shakings and rotations and without a crash . And KillRot was permanently on. Maybe the aerodynamics in your BFR.dll are wrong at some points. When not, Elon had better not changed the design of the bird, the first version (ITS) was a very nice lifting body, flying of this would be mutch easier, because more stable in the air and more lift.

I like the mesh, good job and keep up the work!
I hoped so mutch that somebody released a BFR/BFS-addon for orbiter, and you was the first!!!

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Old 10-31-2017, 08:02 PM   #22
Addon Developer

Don't blame Elon for the behaviour of this addon. The sluggish aerodynamic behaviour is purely mine.
I copied the aerodynamics from an old addon, a bi-conic CEV. The up-and-down pumping is probably because the lifting moment does not fit well to the drag and damping of the airfoil.
I could try to copy the Space Shuttle aerodynamics, but:
- The wings of the BFR are much smaller compared to the fuselage size.
- The Space Shuttle probably underperforms in the Martian atmosphere, leading to a high velocity impact on the surface.
You could try that by replacing the BFR with the Atlantis in the scenario file and do a Mars entry.
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Old 11-01-2017, 09:01 PM   #23
Drive Technician
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Of course it is not Elon's fault. I think, the bi-conic CEV is to different in shape to the BFS. But the shape of the BFS is very similar to a normal rocket and the Skylon-addon from Inzane. The wings are even small or smaller there, but Skylon has at the nose and the rear very small aerodynamic stabilizers. A normal rocket has 4 wings, but these are smaller than the 2 of the BFS. The flying of a rocket and the Skylon is very easy compared to your BFS. So there must be a fault in your actual BFS-aerodynamic.

Yes i will test a mars entry with shuttle Atlantis. But i know, she will perform it great! I tryed in the past many mars entrys/landings with different types of vessels, you will wonder how well it is working, it's one of my favorite actions in orbiter, a really big fun of an important thing for the real future!.
The mars atmosphere is very thin at moment (until the year 2040 ) but even very forgivable, because the lower mars gravitation of 0.38 G. You can fly mostly small winged vessels horizontal without a big altitude lost/descent rate, when you not fly slower than mach 3.

The solution is - we need somebody who has some experience in writing aerodynamics, maybe in spacecraft4 for testing. Many orbinauts did write very well aerodynamic configs for mutch more complicated vessels in shape.
We should contact they.

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Old 11-02-2017, 03:43 PM   #24
Beta Tester


Originally Posted by Axel View Post
 The solution is - we need somebody who has some experience in writing aerodynamics, maybe in spacecraft4 for testing. Many orbinauts did write very well aerodynamic configs for much more complicated vessels in shape.
We should contact they.
Most of them have been taken back, to their home planets.
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Old 11-02-2017, 05:43 PM   #25
Addon Developer

Udate Vers. 05 on the front page.
Used data from the MADV vehicle to improve the BFR aerodynamics.

With this version a controlled flip-over from aerodynamic to powered descent is possible, followed by a manual landing.

Major changes:
Copied the aerodynamic behaviour of the Space Shuttle, as this behaves well even in the Mars atmosphere. Adjusted it to the sizes and characteristic lengths of the BFR.
It is recommended to use KillRot and not to exceed 10x time acceleration during atmospheric flight.

The [A] key toggles between aerodynamic flight with the nose forward, and a reverse-attitude ballistic flight with the engines forward. Use KillRot to stabilize after flip-over. Gradually reduce engine power and righten up the vessel as it slows down.
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Old 11-02-2017, 08:01 PM   #26
Buck Rogers
Major Spacecadet
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great mod, like very much, as your other works! Could rant about loving 50's retro and the epitome of rocket design and despising the concept... I mean even if Musk has got pretty good at landing sticks upright there are so many negatives with such a design and then I see it as only a surface to orbit craft, interplanetary? How often must this thing refuel? Better one craft for one purpose for so many reasons, and the picture of the crane hauling everything high over the engines?! No no no, I think Musk just has a phallic obsession... OK enough ranting!

Concerning orientation at launch amend the scene file with this:

STATUS Landed Earth
POS -80.6208630 28.6270920
ALT 111.0
AROT 151.047 -8.224 -85.475

And I can tell you how I got this but not why it works? I assume it has to do with exact AROT figures! How is easy; Use scenario editor, location, change heading, exit, copy from current scene, paste, YGI.

All this brought me back to an old WIP of mine which I've got working with SC4 in Orbiter16.
Those your model also show a radar altitude above ground when landed? I haven't landed it yet, (I'll try the new update) and scenario editor doesn't work! On mine this altitude roughly corresponds to the COG which is where the 0 vector of the 3D model should be AFAIK. Has this changed, where is your 0 vector on this model?

I don't know if this is of interest; I noticed using SC4 configuration 0 (launch mode) it also falls through the ground but not with config 1!

I am also having problems with aerodynamics for a capsule, maybe you have a pointer for me?
... and finally (may as well ask while I'm here!) I may have used a texture of yours, if this is the case and I release it may I use it? With all due acknowledgements of course.

Looking forward to your further endeavors.
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Old 11-02-2017, 08:53 PM   #27
Addon Developer

Hi Buck, that are a lot of topics.

The launch scenario is copied from the stock Atlantis scenario, after I got frustrated with the BFR always started toppled over, nose pointing to the ground. Only when providing an AROT vector it stayed upright.

Thanks for the tip on the scenario editor! I did not think of this. Will try it.

Radar altitude: This is correct, it shows the height of the mass center over ground.

Capsule aerodynamics:
The easiest way should be to define negative SetPitchMomentScale and SetBankMomentScale. This is what is use when the drogue chute is deployed of my Orion-MPCV, it gives a ballistic reentry. Note: The model must be upright (tailsitter, nose points to +z).
void CEV::SetConfig4_Chute(void)
	SetSize (30);
	SetEmptyMass (CM_DRYMASS);
	SetTrimScale (0);

	SetCW (2, 2, 1, 1);
	SetCrossSections (_V(26,26,2000));
	SetRotDrag (_V(0.5,0.5,0.3));

	SetBankMomentScale (-2e-4);

	SetPMI (_V(9,9,3));

//	SetTouchdownPoints(_V(0,-5,-6.9),_V(-3,-2,-6.9),_V(3,-2,-6.9));
//	SetSurfaceFrictionCoeff (0.3, 0.3);

	SetTouchdownPoints (tdvtx_geardown, ntdvtx_geardown);

	mode = 4;
Feel free to re-use any of my textures.
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Old 11-03-2017, 01:49 PM   #28
Drive Technician
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Ok flying is now better, more stable. I tested it even in earth atmosphere, before update it was nearly impossible. But please can you use the correct empty mass of 85 t instead the 135 t for the BFS ? I know you have involved the landing fuel, but we can not use the fuel when it is pure useless ship mass .
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Old 11-03-2017, 02:04 PM   #29
Addon Developer

The mass of the spaceship is composed 85 ton dry mass + 50 ton default payload = 135 ton. This default value is assumed if no paylaod data are given.

You can override this by including a PAYLOAD line in the scenario file:
will set the payload to zero, leaving a dry mass of 85 ton.
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Old 12-05-2017, 12:38 PM   #30
Drive Technician
Axel's Avatar

Hello all! I have hard worked, many many hours and i did find a solution for the BFR for standing right!
There are 2 ways: First one is very simple, you just open the file "Config/Vessels/BFR", and add simply this extra lines, here to see:

; === Configuration for the BFR ===

Classname = BFR ;new line to insert
Module = BFR

COG_OverGround = 30.0 ;new line to insert
TouchdownPoints = 0 -65 -25 -65 30 -25 65 30 -25 ;new line to insert

But important, you have to create a new scenario, where you have to add the BFR as new Vessel manualy via scenario editor, else the new values has no effekt. And its only for the spaceship, i did not yet test the booster. Now the BFR-spaceship stands right and you can land it, but the fuel has to be max 150 tonnes at touchdown, else you will fall under the mesh again. But when the ship is coming to stand really completly (0 m/s), maybe use Orbiter break keys, then you can refuel it as mutch you want.

The second way, and which i like more, is to write a spacecraft3-config for it. This prevents better the sometimes "Nose down problem" and the ship stands a little bit more stable at the ground as a right tail sitter! The only disadvantage is, that you can not use the hover normaly, beacause in SC3 it fires all times down to the Y-axis.
At first, make a new file in "Config/Vessels/BFR-s" whit this lines:

ClassName = spacecraft3
Module = spacecraft3

TouchdownPoints = 0 -65 -25 -65 30 -25 65 30 -25

Then make a spacecraft3-file, in "Config/spacecraft/BFR-s" which involes this lines, its not the complet file, because francisdrake have allready the rest values, like aerodynamic, thrusters, docking, and exhausts. I had not yet enough time to explore that too. But i did some very succesfull tests with this, when i replaced the lines in another existing spacecraft3-file with this ones.

MAIN_THRUST=14000000 ;7600000 main + 3400000 N hover
ISP=3750 ;CH4-LOX
PMI=(78.2,82.1,10.7) ;Shuttle


Ofcourse you have then to add this ship although as new vessel via scenario editor. Then test it out and mutch fun!

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