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Default The Ultimate Challenge
by rpiolends 04-18-2014, 02:21 PM

I'm going to need help simply setting up this challenge, cause honestly I'm a really bad orbinaut. Once we get everything all set up, I'll edit this post to put the true challenge in.

Colonize the Solar System

Challenge Goals:
Complete the mission in either the Least Time, or using the Least fuel.

Place a base in Each of the following locations:
Mercury on the north pole.
Mars at Virgle city 20N by 80W
Ganymede around Jupiter 0N and 90E or W
Titan at Saturn Lakefront City, 45N 0EW
Titania at Uranus Gertude City 15.8S 287.1E
Triton at Neptune Cold Springs any where between 50S and 57S

These missions require the Arrow Freighter and Shuttle-A.
The Main base is Brighton Beach. This is the only base you may create cargo at or refuel/resupply.

A base will consist of:
A rover vehicle
Inflatabase Connect module
Inflatabase Control Module
Inflatabase Light
Inflatabase Life Module
Inflatabase Solar
2 Flag kits(users choice)
Landing XPDR Beacon

Base Rules:
The base must be assembled such that a crew member could walk from life module to control module without a space suit.
The xpdr beacon must be atleast 500m from any other base structure.

This Mission will have 8 crew. 4 Arrow crew, 4 EVA specialists. All 8 must be aboard the Arrow during interplanetary burns. The crew must survive.

Additional Rules:
The Shuttle-A must be carried in the bay of the Arrow Freighter, for all interplanetary burns.
Shuttle-A may be left empty in orbit of target planet, if the Arrow freighter is landing. the Shuttle must always seperate if the Arrow is going to land.
Shuttle can carry additional cargo, but must be transfered by grapple and release with Arrow freighter.

Mission Ends when all colonies are built and ships return to their starting positions at brighton beach.
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Old 04-23-2014, 12:22 AM   #2

Update on my attempt

I have built virgle city on mars and ganymede base. I have returned to the moon, 3556 days so far
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