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  1. IronRain

    Discussion Spaceflight Video Thread

    This YouTube account is gold btw
  2. IronRain

    News WhatsApp is about to ruin our privacy

    This is not going to work I'm afraid. They would need their friends and family to move over as well otherwise they only have you to talk to. Besides that, clients from work use WhatsApp. As I'm being hired for a managing function, I can't just say "I'm not on WhatsApp". I can advise them to look...
  3. IronRain

    Announcement Scheduled Maintenance - Friday 15-01-2021 08:00 UTC

    We're back folks, enjoy the rest of your day!
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    Announcement Scheduled Maintenance - Friday 15-01-2021 08:00 UTC

    Hi all, This Friday, at 08:00 UTC, we'll be updating the forum software to version 2.2.2. We've run into issues during the previous maintenance periods - we figured out what was going on, but are only now able to see if changes to the system are enough. If not, we can apply the same workaround...
  5. IronRain

    Problem New add-on - uploaded as new user, pending moderation

    Sorry, totally missed this! I've approved your add-on, it's available now. As for the image and your older add-ons, I'll need to ask @Xyon to take a look at it.
  6. IronRain

    Resolved wrong location (wrong location for game bug)

    I'm affraid you've posted this in the wrong section. This is for problems with the forum itself ;) You could either create a new thread in the correct sub-forum or try to find an existing thread.
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    Announcement PayPal widget not updating

    Hi all, First of all, happy new year from the OF staff! As some of you might have noticed, the widget for PayPal donations is no longer updating. I'm looking into why this is happening, but I would like to let the donators know that it's just the widget. Donations are still working as...
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    Resolved Add-ons from OHM alpha are undownloadable

    Can't reproduce either 🤷‍♂️
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    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas and an (early) happy new year!
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    Happy 20!!

  11. IronRain

    Hi all. Im newbie.

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    Important Schedueled Maintanace - Sunday 22-11-2020 09:00 UTC

    Hi everyone, Last September I posted about upcoming maintenance to install an update, which unfortunately failed. @Xyon looked at it yesterday, figured out what was happening and applied the update with a workaround. Fortunately, a new update is available and we'll be installing it this...
  13. IronRain

    Gaming Mars Horizon

    A game called Mars Horizon has hit the (online) shelves, and personally I really like it so far. From the developer: The game is developed in coorperation with ESA and the UK Space Agency. Your goal; send the human race to Mars, and be the first to do so. Sound familiar? ;) It's like Buzz...
  14. IronRain

    Hello! Back in Orbiter after a long absence,

    Welcome back!
  15. IronRain

    Announcement OHM - Deployments, and fixes

    Ha, that's just a placeholder! Will fix that soon, thanks. Sorting is definitely planned, need to work that out with Xyon :)
  16. IronRain

    Announcement OHM - Deployments, and fixes

    With the latest feedback, I've added the categories list to the frontpage: I (we) agree with showing Orbiter 2016 add-ons first, however the API doesn't support this yet. So we will do this, once the API is ready. I hope that I have the time to send a proposal to @Xyon this week, since...
  17. IronRain

    Important Schedueled Maintanace - Wednesday 23-09-2020 08:00 UTC

    Update on the update: it did not go as planned since the automatic update was failing. Currently I'm investigation why I got the error and how I can solve it. Once that's sorted out I'll re-plan this update. Thanks folks!
  18. IronRain

    Resolved "Show your current activity" option not working

    Sorry for the late response. Time was really an issue these last few weeks, but it's all settling down again. I've just checked it; it's hidden for others. Right now (as long as I'm online), you shouldn't be able to see what I'm viewing.
  19. IronRain

    Important Schedueled Maintanace - Wednesday 23-09-2020 08:00 UTC

    Hi everyone, Since we're running updated forum software now, it would be nice to keep it that way. XenForo released a small patch, that we will install this Wednesday at 08:00 UTC. Downtime should be minimal, however since this is the first time we install a XF patch, it all might take a...